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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Week's Feature: Little Rock Fashion Week 2011

Ejji Studios / Visit Little Rock Fashion Week for more photos 

Little Rock Fashion Week has been a friend to The Compassion Fashion Project for some time now and we would like to take this week to honor their efforts in putting on a fabulous event last week.  All week long between July 11-16, Little Rock Fashion Week hosted various fashion and entertainment related experiences to enjoy.  I attended the Media Mixer at the Lulav on July 13 and The Posh Expression Fashion Show on July 16.

Photo by: Amber Davis Besancon

The Media Mixer was a gathering of media and fashion industry folks who support Brandon Campbell, Little Rock Fashion Week producer, and his endeavours to bring business, fashion and entertainment to the community.  Models were all glammed up in their trendy gear and there was even a sneak preview of each collection on an around the room catwalk.  If you made it early enough to the event, you caught a glimpse of models posing in still life positions like mannequins.  Art filled the walls of the rooms, which created almost a museum vibe for guests to have plenty of eye candy to gaze upon.  Listening to a jazzy saxaphone player while chatting with old friends and new was the toast of the town.  

July 16 was the most anticipated event of the week, The Posh Expression.  This was the major fashion show of the week and included many designers of various areas of expertise.  I will highlight each one of these designers in special exclusive interviews and articles that I will post links to on our Facebook page, so come on over and be a fan to stay posted on all topics local fashion related.  When it comes to musical entertainment, Brandon Campbell does not disappoint.  The opening of the show was kicked off with live music and the entire event was hosted by Peter Bailey of NBC's Miami Nitecap and Ashley Blackstone from Today's THV.  

For more photos visit Little Rock Fashion Week photo gallery Photo by: Ejji Studios

The repeated trends coming down the catwalk were animal prints, cape jackets, lace, and a lot of satin fabric belts that tied into bows at the back of the waist.  The show's first designer is actually a painter, but decided to try his hand at fashion this year using what he knows best...body paints.  Christopher Youngstar chose to paint male models only into a fantasy of black and white suit and tux inspired designs.  Laurie B. Allen of Laurella was the second designer showing all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Cascading fourteen looks down the runway, Allen showed her versatility from with day and evening looks using a wide array of textures, fabrics and patterns.  KH Designs was a breath of fresh air with his modern twist on fashion.  This designer, Kelvin Haydon, was a true gem with the shoulders of each creation exuding his creativity-pointed shoulders, puff sleeves and even some Japanese inspired garments made this show original and high end.

Wynika Smith from Atlanta, Georigia, designer for Splendid Fever, showed ten designs with some 80's influence along with some other interesting looks giving way to many second glances.  Her aesthetic was scarf-like, flowing and edgy with that belted look throughout.  The crowd pleaser was certainly children's wear designers Misty Hunkler and Heather Mcquire with Serendipity Designz.  To learn more about this brand, visit my finished article/interview with the two on the Little Rock Examiner.   Natasha Rawls with Najo exhibited wonderful construction with the ten piece collection.  Rawls perpetuated that animal print trend in many of her pieces with a professional twist.

Kari Bryde of Novel Approach was the only jewelry designer to ever show at Little Rock Fashion Week.  She sent ten designs down the runway accompanied by simple attire to accentuate her accessories.  Bryde uses sparkle, chains, silver, gold, beads and pearls for a dramatic effect.  It was beautiful.  Raul Torres showed the most designs with sixteen pieces including a finale wedding dress.  Watch a recent showing from Raul Torres in this video below.

Photo by: Arkansas En Espanol  

Sheila Scott of N'chole Feroce showed fourteen pieces in her collection and exemplified many of the trends we were seeing including animal prints and capes.  Evening wear was mixed in with professional and fun attire, too.  Finally, the much anticipated  Nicole McGehee collection was the final to show and she did an 80's inspired collection full of busteir tops incorporated into dresses and pantsuits.  Overall, the event was a fun night, full of much talent and fashion.  Little Rock Fashion Week has proven to seek out original designers with a special flair and variety.

So, who was my favorite designer....I'll never tell...well, I did have to vote for the "Designer of the Year" award, but I'll not reveal.  Actually, there were many things I liked about many of these amazing designers.  I think the most important aspect for a designer in this particular type of show is to think about your audience.  There was one designer that I felt was cohesive, wearable and everything was just really pretty.

 The Compassion Fashion Project was able to connect with many of these wonderful designers, onlookers and business owners.  We passed out business cards and promoted our mission every chance possible and I believe that this networking opportunity will benefit our mission and enlighten our future of helping to supply women living in domestic violence shelters with the proper attire needed for starting their new lives.  I will keep you updated on the progress we made from this event.  In fact, stay tuned for next week's feature and you will see our first wonderful connection we made for our cause.


  1. Amazing! I have a heart for (showcasing) emerging talent & this was incredibly inspiring to read. Kelvin Haydon has a wonderful artful eye, I loved that dress w/ the dramatic shoulders. Looks like a great event, especially w/ a little jazz setting the tone. xxoo
    *Yes, & would also love to give you an art/image for the Tees. Email me, dear.I've been away on a holiday, but I'm back now.

  2. It was a lot of fun and I also have much heart for emerging talent, too. KH Designs certainly was a creative showing with the big shoulders!

    I will most def email you about that art! xoxo

  3. I agree with Madison!!! I love that piece with the dramatic shoulders...while not the most wearable, I think it is innovative and inspiring.

    I'm sure every person you met loved you and CFP. Good things only for you!

  4. Very nice, looks like it was a great event
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for the kind comments. Seriously, it's really nice to hear this stuff.

    Thank you,

    Kelvin Haydon