Supporters of Love


Our Mission

The objective of The Compassion Fashion Project is to bring awareness to women's causes.  We work through our partners, charities and corporate sponsors to provide direct benefit to the community by facilitating the distribution of fashionable clothing, especially professional attire, accessories, personal care products and services.  Our mission is to be a platform that is a guiding force to women needing a helping hand.

Corporate Benefit
Corporate involvement with The Compassion Fashion Project will inevitably result in a stronger, more empowered community of professional women who will in turn become a consumer of the products/services that corporate sponsors offer.  The consumer then feels driven to support the corporate sponsor that once offered a helping hand by becoming a loyal customer and supporter of the corporation.  According to a recent survey (“The Shriver Report:A Woman’s Nation,” Study by Maria Shriver and The Center for American Progress) 50% of all workers are women.  With the proper support, guidance, and education, not only can a woman merely be an avid consumer for each prospective company, but more likely will become a valued potential employee, client, or partner for our sponsors. 

Be Featured
Acting as a liaison, we can distribute your merchandise/products/services to our clients.  This act of kindness would earn you the privilege of being featured on our blog's "Weekly Feature" post.  Your feature makes our readers become more aware of your services and products that they buy with a philanthropic view in mind.  If you are a company, organization, or individual who already donates products or proceeds to women's issues or other related causes, please make us aware and you may be featured.  

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