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Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Little Rock Fashion Week...Nothing "Little" About It!

Brandon Campbell (left), Sway Callaway of MTV News (center), and Peter Bailey, host of NBC Miami Niteside Nitecap (right).
Photo by: DUDE Photography

When I first started planning Divas Dressing Darlings, I knew immediately that I wanted to contact Brandon Campbell  with Little Rock Fashion Week.  Campbell is the producer and creator of Little Rock Fashion Week and I knew he would be a key partner to approach for this benefit.  I admire what he has done with his conceptual idea to merge fashion and entertainment focusing on the Little Rock community.  The success of his "fashionment" as he calls it, has been embraced by locals and fashionistas from across the country.  I always respect when someone can take the bull by the horns and run with it.  That is exactly what Campbell has accomplished.
Runway model at LRFW.
Photo By: DUDE Photography

As I started to research Little Rock Fashion Week, I visited their website and found a video featured on the home page of Brandon Campbell reading a book to a classroom of children.  LRFW is also affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Watershed program.  This solidified my belief that I found the right person to partner with, because he is not just another fashion industry leader...he is someone who likes to give back in a big way.  Campbell is an individual who cares for his fellow man/woman and does not let the glitz and glamour distort his view of the world.  As some may become jaded among the lights, models, cameras, and fans, he remains true to who he is at his core, a man of integrity.

So, I scheduled a meeting with Campbell at Starbucks and proposed my idea to help little girls in Africa receive pillowcase dresses from our home, Little Rock, to theirs.  At that meeting, I knew creative minded individuals were coming together to bring awareness and promote peace.  The question was, "Was he feeling it?"  I had hope that he would like my idea and want to partner with me even though The Compassion Fashion Project is still grass roots and he would be taking a chance on me.  A few days later, I got confirmation that Campbell and his team "were in!"  I was thrilled and am still sometimes in disbelief that I have been able to pull this off, but I know I could not have done this without his support.
Campbell with child supermodel of
America's Next Top Model, Diva Davanna.
Photo by: DUDE Photography

Little Rock Fashion Week is described as "one of the few experiences in the world that emerges fashion with entertainment."  The first of its kind in Arkansas, it features designers' fall and winter fashions, exhibitions, musical performances, and VIP parties.  He has recruited the likes of Lauren Clark (CBS news reporter), Katherine Whitworth (managing editor of Arkansas Life), and Furonda Brasfiel (America's Next Top Model) just to name a few.  Featured local designers like Natasha Rawls (NaJo Collections) and Nicole McGehee (Nicole Mcgehee Collection) lend a community spirit to his showcase.  When it comes to entertainment, Campbell does not disappoint either.  With DJ Heather Brown from the "Heather and DC Show" and many musical talents such as Bethany Hines, Firesaw, and J3, any attendees will be pleased.

Brandon Campbell was born and raised in Little Rock, graduating from Central High School.  He earned his B.A. in journalism and mass communications from The University of Iowa and went on to become a television writer and producer.  His work has been seen on NBC, ABC, Fox, The CW, E!, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and MTV.  Campbell believes that due to the proximity of Little Rock in the United States and its emerging fashion and entertainment industry that Little Rock has the potential to become a major industry leader in Middle America.

Little Rock Fashion Week: Young & Fabulous Show
Photo by: DUDE Photography

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor and participating in Little Rock Fashion Week, you can visit this sponsorship packet to find out more.

You can purchase tickets to Little Rock Fashion Week through Meredith Corning at:
Visit the links below in the itinerary to purchase online!

  Fashion Week will run from July 11-16 and you can find below an itinerary of the events:

July 11- Music Remix Showcase & VIP Party (Invite Only unless you purchase an all week pass)

July 12Little Rock Fashion Week 2011 Presents the Artist Statement.  Christopher Youngstar  

July 13- Industry & Media Mixer- Lulav Eatery

July 14- Little Rock Fashion Week: Fashion Night Out at various participating clothing boutiques and shopping centers

July 15- Little Rock Fashion Week: Young & Fabulous Show- Statehouse Convention Center 

July 16- Little Rock Fashion Week: Posh Experience- Statehouse Convention Center 

During my meeting with Brandon Campbell, he asked me, "Why fashion?"

At the time, I don't think I realized the answer to that question would morph into what I know now.  I gave him my musings on my passion for fashion illustration and design along with my calling to address domestic violence, but the truth is that there is a deeper meaning behind The Compassion Fashion Project.  I am calling on all artists, creative thinkers, innovators, pioneers, designers and leaders to stand up to domestic and sexual violence, because those who think "outside the box" will inevitably find the solution to this epidemic.  After all, fashion sets the tone for what we wear, what we look at, and even how we feel.  Who better to start a movement than the "trendsetters" of the world?

withentertainmen The first of its kind in Arkansas, it features designers’ fall and winter fashions, exhibitions, musical performances and VIP parties. 


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