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Saturday, July 9, 2011

This Week's Feature: Cherysh's Charms...You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Meredith Corning (left) with Cherysh Corning (right)
Photo by: Bobby Haws Photography  

My eight-year old daughter, Cherysh, started her own jewelry line ,Cherysh's Charms, back in January 2011.  In the beginning, she created jewelry to be given to children living in domestic violence shelters with their mothers.  We previously donated some coats to the Hope Cottage in Searcy, Arkansas with the gracious help of the 10/20 Project and Cherysh had seen the smaller coats.  At that moment, Cherysh wanted to be involved.

Karis Rankin (left) with Cherysh Corning (right) at Divas Dressing Darlings,
Photo by: Bobby Haws Photography  

She said, "Mommy, I want to do something for the little girls to make them feel pretty, too."

Cherysh with Project Runway's Korto Momolu.
Photo by: Bobby Haws Photography  

From that point on, we nurtured her passion for service through her jewelry designs.  Of course, our family has helped her with bead kits and materials, but some of our supporters have been amazing, also.  Michelle Fitz Coclasure made a donation right from the beginning of "Cherysh's Charms" and we were able to supply her with more professional gear for her designs.  Many of our supporters inquire about Cherysh's Charms and have been curious to see what my little darling has developed.
Mother and daughter at event.
Photo by: Bobby Haws  

I am more than happy to show some of her jewelry line, Cherysh's Charms, directly in association with The Compassion Fashion Project.  Before our event, Divas Dressing Darlings, Cherysh produced forty-five pieces of jewelry and we felt like this would be a great incentive for guests at our event to donate cash in exchange for one of her designs.  We were collecting pillowcases at our event that we are sewing into dresses for little girls in Africa.  It was essential that we raised some monetary donations, so that we would have enough to ship the dresses once they were complete to the organization that would forward them onto the girls in Africa.  This worked out well and we were able to secure enough funds for our purpose.  

Cherysh likes to work with a montage of different beads: glass, plastic, stone and seed beads.  She started out using stretchy string, but these would all seem to break after some wear, so she switched to regular jewelry making string.  Even this did not seem sturdy enough, so she finally settled on jewelry wire in both silver and gold.  Sometimes she will use fasteners and other times she closes them by twisting the wire (this is the part I have to help her with).

After much experimentation, Cherysh now says, "I like to find a bead pattern while creating my jewelry and just go with it."

Cherysh seen here giving Project Runway's Korto Momolu a special piece of jewelry.

She even had the opportunity to meet Project Runway's Korto Momolu at Divas Dressing Darlings and gave her and her daughter a piece of Cherysh's Charms.  Cherysh thinks she is famous now, but really she is just a special little girl with a big heart.  I thought this would be a good time to share a fun interview with my daughter, Cherysh Bliss Corning:

"Sugar Blossom" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

What is your favorite color?


"Twilight" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

What are some of your hobbies?

Painting, drawing and making jewelry.

"Sugar Blossom" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Stylist.

"Twilight" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

How many boyfriends do you have?


"Twilight" collection by Cherysh's Charms

What is your favorite subject in school?


"Sugar Blossom" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

How do you come up with ideas for your jewelry line?

I see lots of fashion on T.V. and I look at my mommy's drawings.

"Twilight" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

What are your future goals for Cherysh's Charms?

To help more people.

"Sugar Blossom" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

Does your little sister help you make jewelry?

Are you kidding me?  No way!

"Twilight" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

What was it like meeting Korto Momolu?

Well...Project Runway is like precious to me, so it was like precious for me to meet her.

"Sugar Blossom" collection by Cherysh's Charms.

Are you going to continue to help The Compassion Fashion Project?

Of course!

Each one of Cherysh's Charms is packaged in a jewelry pouch with  her very own tag that she created.

If you are interested in donating $10 or $20 to The Compassion Fashion Project, you will receive a piece of Cherysh's Charms (US only).  Just click our paypal button and then email me the address your jewelry needs to be sent.
Project Runway's Korto Momolu with Cherysh's Charms designer, Cherysh Corning.
Photo by: Bobby Haws  


  1. Aww this is so sweet. You know it's so inspiring to see a little girl wanting to help make someone else's life better. So often nowadays kids are caught up with toys, and technology, but for her to have started this at 8! You must be so proud of your little girl!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  2. I love this girl she is so much like her mother in her heart and soul I'm so lucky to have two women like that in my life! I love you and so proud of you Cherysh. Love Dad

  3. Cherysh, It was no surprise to me that you would be every bit as lovely as you are, as I think the world of your mother and it is only natural that you should mirror the beauty inside of her.

    It is truly my pleasure and a deep honour to know the two of you and please know you have a friend and partner in me always. The things you are doing may seem small, but I can tell you that for those who are otherwise alone and feeling as though their world has crumbled, your time and effort and giving of your heart truly make all the difference.

    I am so proud to be involved with your project and to know you both. I'll watch with a great deal of love and support from wherever I am. So from my heart to yours, thank you for inviting me into your sweet world and all the best for the future. May every dream come true.

  4. What a lovely post. Such a beautiful wonderful little girl. I too have an 8 year old little girl & know how hard it is to get them to focus on something & this just goes to show how passionate Cherysh is about her designs and the project. An inspiration to us all. Nichola x

  5. What a cute interview! She has such a sweet heart. It's wonderful that she is working to help other people.

  6. Oh friend!!! That really warms my heart. You have gifted your daughter with your wonderful giving spirit. She is too precious. I hope all of her dreams come true.

    Love you friend!!! This post made me so happy.

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  8. Cherysh, you are a creative and big-hearted kid. Keep up the great work and beautiful designs! (I'm especially glad to see that reading is your favorite subject in school, since I know your aunt is a school librarian!)

  9. Picked up on the fact that you were collecting pillowcases. Hi, I'm stopping in because a) I'm wondering if you know sewers and b) you seem to have a good heart. Right now in Africa girls miss 9 weeks of school a year on the average because of menstruation. They need cloth pads. Here's a list of Web sites that explain how to make them and a list of organizations that donate them.
    Thanks! Carrie

  10. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

    She looks stunnig and the jewellery line is amazing! The best of luck!


    Rock 'n Style