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Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Cherysh's Charms will Charm You

My daughter, "the charmer", Cherysh.
My daughter, whom is an absolute genius by the way, is always very interested in what I am doing. Since I started The Compassion Fashion Project she has been asking me tough questions about why I am doing this and who I am doing this for and so on, you know how children are with their questions.  After we delivered the coats last week to Hope Cottage (read about that here), she started asking me about the smaller coats.

"Mommy, are there little girls like me at the shelter?"

"Yes, honey, there are," I replied.

She sat there for a minute in deep contemplation of this revelation she had discovered and finally said, "Mommy, I want to do something for the little girls to make them feel pretty, too."
Sparkly green and hot pink beaded bracelet.

After some discussion, she came up with the idea to make jewelry for the little girls at the shelter with her new bead kit she had just received from her Godmother, Amber.  I thought this was a terrific idea and told her we could even take it one step further and she could also sell her jewelry, giving 50% of the proceeds to the shelter.  That way she was helping the little girls and their mothers, too.  So, once we had our plan in place, Cherysh began making jewelry first for the little girls.  These are a couple pieces she came up with and I must say they are pretty good!  We made it a family affair and I helped her with the fasteners, but these are her designs.  I told her for her next birthday maybe I would get her a "professional" kit with the glass beads, sturdy wire, and all the fixings, that way she could make some new designs.

Anklet featuring a rose as the center piece.

Anyway, it got me thinking and I want this week's challenge to inspire you from "out the mouths of babes."  There are little girls and little boys who live in these shelters and I don't want to forget about them.  Kids love little trinkets of all sorts, maybe you have an idea that would make someone's day a bit brighter.  That's what I love about The Compassion Fashion Project is giving doesn't have to be in big doses, sometimes it's the "smaller" acts of kindness that mean the most.

We even made Cherysh some business cards!


  1. Your daughter is so adorable and she is extremely thoughtful too. You must be very proud.

    My own daughter is just the same. She spent part of this weekend sorting through her toys and teddies to give to children less fortunate than herself.

    It's at this very young age, when they start asking questions, that they learn compassion and how a kind gesture goes a long, long way to bring happiness to others.

    A lovely post. :-)

  2. What a fab lil helper. GO CHERYSH! WE LOVE YOU!!

  3. Well, that is just about the most wonderful thing I've heard all year. What a darling little girl you have and a beautiful mind. Why can't we all maintain that childhood ability to love and want to give!!!!!!! ahhhh, that is awesome (in the true sense of the word)

  4. Whao your daughter is an angel and I am very proud of her. Yes she deserves her own professional kits and very soon...loll.. Its lovely to make pretty things for kids in shelter for its so precious for them....Keep up the good work my friend.

  5. I just popped by to see if you've posted anything new and you have, this is great, can't wait to speak about it more tomorrow.
    Best wishes,

  6. That a girl, Cherysh! You're an inspiration to your ol' auntie!!