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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brazilian Fashion Illustrator Tells Us How She is Cool 4 School

Introducing our new contributing fashion illustrator, Cora Sales:

Fashion illustrator for The Compassion Fashion Project, Cora Sales.

Tell me about your blog, "Cool 4 School."

I wanted to create a fashion blog that wasn’t like all the fashion blogs that we see on the internet. Inspired by The Sartorialist Blog, I created Cool4School.  In my schools, we don’t need to wear uniforms and then I started to catch the most stylish students from there and take photos, showing their looks.  After posted on the blog, I explain why they are Cool4School, talking about their clothes, what’s in and out, what is in the fashion world and we can use at school.  On my twitter I post links from fashion blogs and sites of people around the world who are Cool4School too.  

"Fashion people are ALWAYS fashion, even at school!"

Illustration by Cora Sales.

 Why did you take such an interest in fashion illustration?

 I was a very little child when I started to draw.  I did my first painting when I was only 2!  I’ve always loved drawing and art, but fashion is a recent passion. In 2009, when I traveled to Florida – USA, I could see how people there are not afraid to use different and colorful clothes on the street. When I got back to my city, I started to use the U.S things that I bought there at school.  People looked at me and laughed like “what the hell is this yellow wayfarers, these sip earings and colorful clothes?”.  After a year, everybody was using the same things, but it was so “last season”… So, I was wearing other kind of clothes.  It’s still happening until today. I think it’s so funny and I like to be different.  I love to be in fashion.

"Bubbly," by Cora Sales tank, $21.00.

What inspires you to design clothing?

Anything.  It can be things, a moment, a party, a place, or all this together… Designing clothes is an art and all things can inspire a true artist.

Sterling Silver Plated Pendant, $29.95.  

Where are you from and what is the style like there?

I’m from Recife, Brazil.  It’s a nice country.  It’s a tropical place, so we use soft clothes with a lot of colors and stamps.  We have different kinds of tissues, too, like chita, renda and bordado (chintz, lace and embroidery)

… The country is famous, too, because of the beachwear. We have the most beautiful biquinis (bikinis) in the world!  You can see more about Brasilian fashion on Rio Etc. and O Que Opovao Usa.

"Peace, Love and Fashion," by Cora Sales.

What are your future goals in fashion and art?

I'm still in high school.  I do a course of edifications, too, but I don’t like to study about buildings.  When I finally finish it, I’ll do design at a federal college and maybe a fashion course, too.  I won’t stop drawing and creating things!  I love fashion and art, so this is really what I want to do for the rest of my life.

"Peace, Love and Fashion tank, $24.50.  

 How did you learn to draw so well?

 My father is a painter.  It’s just a hobby, not his real job, but he’s a really professional!  He travelled to Europe to study art, and baroque style. (Example)  

"I grew up in his atelier, around his paints, easeals, brushes… Always watching, asking, doing exercises of the books of anatomy… I practice a lot! I have my my personal art professor."

"The Winds of Change," by Cora Sales.

What are your favorite fashion sources (books, websites, magazines)?

 I use to look for websites and fashion blogs, but some like Lookbook and Fashionista, I visit every day.  I think that in the street style we can see fashion as it really is.  I read more books of art from my fathers's collection.  My favorite is one about Norman Rockwell by Elizabeth Miles Montgomery (on Amazon). Mags… I use to read Elle and Vogue, but my main sources are on websites.
What mediums do you prefer (watercolor, pen, paper)?

I prefer the A4 Canson paper.  It’s perfect for watercolors!  At home I do my illustrations with my watercolor collections and a small brush.  I often do illustrations at school.  Increadible but, I have the best ideas at boring classes!  Then in this case, I usually use a 6B pencil or colorpens… I have some great ideas when I can’t sleep at night too!   (Cora giggles).
 If someone wants to keep up with your artwork, how should they do this (twitter, blog)?

Contact me on my websites! 

 What made you want to donate artwork to The Compassion Fashion Project?

My friend Igor Beltrão, from Quelragazzo and Menino Glam told me about The Compassion Fashion Project blog after posting one of my illustrations on his blog and made the contact between us.  I could understand better the propose and support this very important project by donating some of my artworks.

Thank you to Cora Sales for her beautiful illustrations and to Igor Beltrao for being an instrumental piece to this collaboration.


  1. Amazing pictures. I just come to your blog and found something which make my mood....thanks. Keep rocking.
    Women Fashion

  2. It's really nice to see how far she's going. And It's amazing for me to be able to follow her job from the beginning :) Cora rocks!

  3. Wonderful picture. The perfect use of photographs. Great designs....... Thanks for sharing. :-)


  4. Cora has done an amazing thing here. She has contributed to a cause often unnoticed and is standing up against domestic violence through her art. I am very proud of her:-) ~Meredith