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Friday, June 10, 2011

This Week's Feature: The Pink Slipper Project has Helped Us Filter Donations!

Sewn slippers made from various girly fabrics.
Please forgive my terrible photography skills as these photos do not do justice to the exquisite beauty of each of these pieces.  I tried to document inventory along the way, but please visit the Pink Slipper Project website for better renditions.  The Pink Slipper Project has really come through for our organization and the women and children living in our local domestic violence shelters here in Arkansas.  I wrote an article on the Pink Slipper Project back on January 28, 2011 and fell in love with the idea of what they were doing.  Here is their objective:

"Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are forced to leave their homes and seek safety and healing in shelters across the country. Through participation with the Pink Slipper Project, we can make a difference in the lives of a few of those women and children, and remind them that their someone, somewhere, is thinking of them."

These slippers were made from yarn and resembled a "zebra-like" print.  Love the color combos here.

How do they do that?  This is their mission: 

"The Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and the toes of women and children living in shelters. Our goal is to provide hand-made slippers to as many women and children that we possibly can, adding new challenges throughout the year.  As time and donations allow, we will open our arms wide to as many women’s and children’s shelters that we can provide for.

They even crochet/knit teddy bears and baby dolls!

Not only will a pair of handmade slippers help keep the recipients warm, when some have had to leave their home suddenly without any belongings, but will also be a daily reminder that someone cared enough about them to make something special just for them. A simple kindness goes a long way in the healing process."

All infant sizes here by the same designer in the same fabric.

After some collaboration between Joyce Lucas, the founder, Rachel Terrill, her assistant and I, Lucas offered the loving gift of providing wonderful hand-made slippers to our three local shelters we are focusing on here at The Compassion Fashion Project:

Little pom pom slippers and a "fairy" pair...cute, cute, cute!

My friend, Jacquline call these the "Fraggle" slippers.  I love the colors and the fuzzies.

Flowers featured on the toes, ballet slipper style, and another adorable pom pom pair...teddy, too!
Earth tones featured here with my
Manolo Blahnik print on canvas...ohh la la.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was absolutely thrown for a loop when they announced on their website that they would be creating over 1000 slippers for our domestic violence shelters!  My husband and I just finished our deliveries this past week and I must say, it has been one of the proudest moments in my life.  The slippers are such a sweet gift, but the fact that thousands of women across the United States have given their time to crochet, knit, or hand sew the footwear is priceless.

Can we put a price tag on this?  It has been something that I have pondered.  My thought is that if each design is worth just $10.00 each, then we have raised over $10,000 worth of products with the help of The Pink Slipper Project!  Now, I am being modest on that total, because if you could see these slippers in person, they are gorgeous!  I am a retail person and when I look at these designs carefully made and thought out the way that they are, I am sure it is a larger price tag.  

Many teddy/slipper combos!

Some women sew little pom poms on the toes.  Some designs are tailored at the ankle with these little pieces of "fluff"...I am not sure what to call it, but my friend Jacqueline said they look like Fraggles!  Adorable!  Some pieces have fabulous color combinations and some are only one color.  A few of my favorites looked like fairy shoes.  I love the ones that are well thought out and look like something you would find in a high end baby boutique, too.  They have come in every size imaginable from infant on up.  These ladies mean to please and have made it their business to show it in every way.

This donation that the Pink Slipper Project has filtered through The Compassion Fashion Project has solidified our relationships with our wonderful shelters and given us a jump start to a very successful year.  Elizabeth Newell, our social media administrator, has moved into the position of Quad City Area Director and has already secured over 500 pairs of slippers for the shelters she is working with through the Pink Slipper Project.  I am really looking forward to the future of The Compassion Fashion Project and an ongoing relationship with Joyce Lucas and all the great women of the Pink Slipper Project.


  1. Thank you Compassion Fashion Project for giving us an opportunity to come together and serve your local shelters. We have such amazing, giving volunteers. Some that have had their own lives touched by domestic violence.

    Our mission is to help heal as many hearts, and warm as many toes as we possibly can, one pair of slippers at a time.

    Joyce Lucas

  2. It's been a joy to work with you all.

  3. Congrats to the Pink Slipper Project and Compassion Fashion Project for donating their time and talent to domestic violence victims! What an impressive feat for feet :)

  4. Thank you, we are very proud we were able to facilitate this donation.

  5. Gongrats once again!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. I wish I could have had you take the photos, Margaret! I needed your photography skills:-)