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Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Warm Hearts and Toes Through The Pink Slipper Project

Download this FREE pattern here!
When I came across The Pink Slipper Project, I was in awe of their compassion for women and children living in shelters across the country.  They are a strong, united group of women across the nation providing darling hand-made slippers to those whom have been affected by domestic violence and now find themselves living in a shelter.

Joyce Lucas, the founder of The Pink Slipper Project, states on her website her reasons for starting the project, "Each year, domestic abuse forces hundreds of thousands of women and children to leave their homes and seek safety and healing in shelters across the United States. While shelters can fill basic needs and provide counseling services, often the most difficult challenges faced by those who use them are recognizing their own worth and feeling accepted by society."
Download this FREE pattern here!

Joyce could not be more on target with that statement.  Furthermore, knowing that someone took the time to actually hand craft something for you is an amazing feeling within itself not to mention the practicality of having a cozy pair of slippers to warm yours or your little ones toes.

Joyce goes on to share what happened in the beginnings of The Pink Slipper Project, "Within hours of making the first slipper pattern available on the Pink Slipper blog in August 2009, women from all over the US had downloaded it and wanted to take part. Some stitched slippers, some knit or crocheted slippers and others donated fabrics and supplies. The one common thread was they all wanted to help make someone's life a little better."
Seen here are ideas for your own creative designs.

Now you, too, can download this simple pattern and take part in this wonderful project created by Joyce and thriving because of people like you who take the time to care so much about someone else.  Free Slipper Patterns Available Here!

When I contacted Joyce Lucas about the Pink Slipper Project she responded right away and said, "Thank you so much for reaching out to us. I've had just a few minutes to read your blog and it's amazing what you're doing! Before I forget in my own excitement, let me ask you a question. Can we send you slippers for Hope Cottage?"

I know I keep saying this and I will probably continue to say this...we can all do something!  All I did was send an email and now The Compassion Fashion Project is going to be able to deliver these fabulous gifts to women and children who need them and need to know that someone out there cares about them.

Lucas hopes for continued growth and support. She states, "As long as we're able and as long as we have loving and giving participants, we'll continue to grow this wonderful program. A project that unites women all over the nation for the good of others has to be a success. There's no other possible outcome."

Here are a few things YOU can do:

  • Pledge to make slippers using one of their patterns or one of your own.
  • Get your sewing and quilting groups involved.
  • Donate materials - fleece and flannel fabrics, cotton batting, slipper gripper, thread, scissors, pink tissue paper, yarns, postage etc.
  • Add the widget found here on their site or ours (right side of page). It's easy and helps spread the word.
  • Tell everyone that you know about the Pink Slipper project.
All donations can be sent to:
Joyce Lucas
c/o The Pink Slipper Project
111 Huntington Road
Colonial Heights, VA 23834


  1. This is a wonderful organisation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will put their button logo on my blog. I can't knit but I'm happy to spread the word. :)

    I would love to find a similar type of organisation in the UK. Do you know of any by chance?

    L xx

  2. Thank you so much new friend for featuring us on your blog. It's so wonderful to connect with other groups that are helping heal hearts of women and children effected by DV. You're absolutely right, we can all do something. But look what happens when we come together!

    Warmest Thanks,
    Joyce Lucas, Founder
    The Pink Slipper Project.

  3. Thank you for reaching out to the Pink Slipper Project and for helping us get the word out.
    A wonderful thing happens when a group of heart warming women get together. I agree that we can all do something, but together, there isn't anything we can't do. I love that we're able to partner and bring some warmth and love to your local shelter.
    Warmest Thanks,
    Joyce Lucas, Founder
    The Pink Slipper Project.

  4. We are so happy to be working with such a creative and strong group of women. Any woman out there affected by domestic violence, please know that you are not alone and you have friends here at The Compassion Fashion Project and The Pink Slipper Project and many, many more working on your behalf. Remember Joyce's words, "...there isn't anything we can't do."

  5. Its amazing to have the privilege to work with so many like minded individuals who strive for safe and harmonious families. With each post, project, and message we send we are raising awareness about a subject that often seems "taboo". When the ones who love us the most, are also the ones who hurt us the most, we have a tendency to hide abuse or fear release from it. With the messages, donations, and collections we support, we support women and children of domestic violence.
    To think that these adorable slippers can soothe, comfort, and warm someone who may need it the most, at that time...extraordinary.

  6. Thank you Meredith for the feature on The Pink Slipper Project! Joyce Lucas is one amazing woman!

    Many Blessings,
    Terry Grahl
    Enchanted Makeovers