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Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Week's Feature: Bobby Haws Photography to Benefit Charity

"That's My Jenny"
Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography 

I met Bobby Haws through The Compassion Fashion Project's talent coordinator, Cara Frazier,  Haws has been honing his interests in photography for the past five years and has had his work  featured in 53deluxe and Buzznet.  

Haws describes his photography aesthetic saying,"I love to bring out the colors in the world we live in. I like things to look real, but not actually be real. I am devoted to achieving the impossible in my images."

Bobby Haws Photography will be capturing our event, Divas Dressing Darlings, in an effort to help us bring more awareness to Little Dresses for Africa, The Compassion Fashion Project, and domestic violence in general.  Haws enjoys high fashion photography and artistic setups where he can take several composite shots and create a nice scene or artistic image.  He admits his photography process is very technical and once he introduced artificial lighting and shooting manually, details became more precise.  

"Abandoned Room"
Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

"Through my lens I’ve learned how to capture moments and translate them into art," says Haws.

Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

Attention Stylists
His future goals make up his ideas for conceptual photo shoots he would like to implement, but says he has a hard time securing the right wardrobe and resources.  This has been his biggest challenge, so if you are a stylist wanting to work with a photographer contact Bobby Haws Photography:

"The Magic of Grain"
Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

Below find a mini interview with the photographer:

Q.  What does photography mean to you?

A.  Photography, to me, is a form of expression; it is the foundation to my art.  It's like the initial sketch for an artist to an unfinished work.  Photography gives me the sketch that I build on to create an image.

"Fairy Tale"
Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

Q.  Do you consider yourself an artist?

A.  I have heard people say that there is not much art in photography and maybe that is true to a certain degree, but so much goes into my images after the initial camera snap.  It is a little hard for me not to call myself an artist.  I believe it takes an artist to be a photographer.

Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography 

Q.  How would you describe your photography style?

A.  Style seems to be something that is always changing and evolving.  I tend to stick with vivid color and crisp, sharp contrast looks, but once something becomes routine I like to venture into something else to keep the creative variety flowing.  I have actually been experimenting with more low contrast images recently.

"Sunset Dreams"
Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

Q.  Does your personality change when you look through a camera?

A.  I don't think my personality changes, but the professionalism definitely surfaces in order to get the image that I am looking for.

Photo By: Bobby Haws Photography

Q.  What made you decide to shoot our event, Divas Dressing Darlings?

A.  I think the cause of The Compassion Fashion Project is a genuine one and I don't mind doing charity work for a good cause.  There needs to be more fashion events in Little Rock, so if I can help make something good out of this event, count on me.

Come Get Your Red Carpet Photo Taken at Divas Dressing Darlings By Bobby Haws Photography in Front of a Celebrity Style Step and Repeat!


  1. His photography is great! Can't wait to see his pics of the event!

    Live Life in Style

  2. I love the picks!!!!And i love the fact that you are doing charity for a good cause!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Thanks ladies! We were really lucky to find Bobby and I love being able to highlight people in the fashion industry doing good things in their communities. Yay for Bobby Haws Photography!

  4. These are already beautiful, but the fact that you are doing charity for a good cause is making it marvelous!

    Also I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for stopping by in general, I really appreciate it! You'll hear as soon as possible back from me!

    I'd love to hear from you again in the future!


    Rock 'n Style

  5. Oh, no problem, you have a great blog:-)

    See more from Bobby Haws Photography after the event. He is being so great about letting us use his work for articles and so forth after. I can't wait to see what he captures!

  6. Very surrealist. I love it.

  7. i love this, and i love your cause. i'm now following =]

  8. Thanks Elizabeth, following your blog, too! It's so cool:-)

    Stop by anytime~Meredith

  9. Really beautiful photos. I like 'Alexa' as Clockwork Orange is one of my favourite movies

  10. That one is really cool, Brandy. He does some pretty awesome lolita and gothic lolita, if you are into that style you will like his other work,too.