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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Netherlands Artist Influenced By Nature, Fashion and Gaudi

Illustrator, Rinia Dataram
Illustrator, Rinia Dataram, was born in the smallest state in South America, Suriname.  At the age of 2 she moved to the Netherlands in Enschede.   

Dataram says of her home,"Despite being a small country, the fashion industry is growing."  

Her mother was a seamstress and growing up she would observe closely as her mother would sew dresses for her clients.  Despite the fact that she was not formally trained in fashion, her upbringing gave way to her current works' inspiration.  Her two main focuses in her illustrations are her fascination with unusual shoe designs and nature.

"Go Green," By: Rinia Dataram

"I like to draw weird shoes. So one day I posted my art on Fashion United and got positive comments. That's how I got started with fashion illustration."

Organic cotton tee, $25.00  

Her shoe designs are spectacular and her earthy aesthetic is apparant in her art.  Florals and wildlife overflowing the pages of her work provide a universal connection for her admirers.

Organic grocery tote, $21.95  

"I want to express the message that we are all part of nature," she explains. 

"Blooming," By: Rinia Dataram

Besides being inspired by fashion and nature, Dataram takes much pleasure in the works of the French architect, Antoni Gaudi.  Gaudi's work is described as "an organic style that was inspired by nature without losing the influence of the experiences gained earlier in his career."  

Babydoll tee, $22.00  

When I asked Dataram why she felt compelled to donate her beautiful illustrations to The Compassion Fashion Project, she replied, " I love freedom.  Twenty years ago my ex-boyfriend hit me once.  It did not even hurt, but I immediately grabbed my bags.  I actually do not know what it's like to be beaten up every day.  It seems to me very difficult to be in that situation, but it's even  harder to help from outside and that's what your project is doing.  You must be emotionally and mentally very strong. You made the choice to help, a good and beautiful decision, therefore I will always support you."

As will I, Rinia.  

For comissioned work contact Rinia Dataram at:


  1. Beautiful new addition, Meredith.

  2. Thanks, Jamillah! I am so proud of all my artists. We are starting to get quite a collection:-)

  3. What a wonderful project! I would love to contribute (I'm definitely getting a t-shirt). I also have a fashion blog, so I will be more than happy to write a post about it. If there are any other ways I can help spread the word let me know.



  4. That would be amazing, Michelle! I'll definitely get in touch with you. All the added support really helps from the fashion community. I am heading over to your blog now:-)

  5. Those are so Beautiful! She is an amazing artist!

  6. I am very proud of all our artists:-) Be sure to check out her portfolio, too.

  7. This is so inspirational! I love it.

    Would you be interested in getting featured on my blog? If so, please let me know! I'd love that!

    I'd love to hear from you again! Keep on going with your great work!


    Rock 'n Style

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  9. Hi Meredith!!

    This project is absolutely fantastic, the collaborations are great to bring awareness to such an important cause! Following, of course!

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  10. Hey love, thanks for the new follow! I appreciate that bunches:-)

    Yes, we enjoy our collaborations with creative thinkers. I learn something new all the time.

    Much Love~Meredith

  11. Her designs are great! I love the way her sketches look, and the shoes ARE neat! yea for her supporting the Compassion Fashion Project!

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