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Friday, April 1, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Please Meet Lena Ker, Our New Contributing Fashion Illustrator

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I met Lena Ker on one of the best resources for connecting with other fashion enthusiasts, Independent Fashion Bloggers.  I received a message from Lena Ker asking me to come see her "pic's", as she refers to them.  I visited her blog where she displays her gorgeous fashion illustrations and receives comments on them from her followers in the ranges of twenty to forty at a time on each illustration.  Her style varies from chic to sweet to rock-n-roll.  With such a special talent, I felt compelled to ask her if she would donate even one of her pieces to our online boutique for The CFP.  She responded quickly with a, "Thank you! I would be glad to be a part of your project."  So, I feel very lucky and proud to introduce our amazingly talented and humble Contributing Fashion Illustrator, Lena Ker

Interview With Lena Ker

Q. Where are you from and how would you describe your city?

A. I live in the Perm city, a big city in the east of the European part of Russia, on the foothills of Ural Mountains. As in any other city, there are advantages and disadvantages.  Our city is a city of contrasts. Among ancient architecture, there are beautiful modern high-rise buildings. Perm stands on the Kama River, which divides our city on two parts and on the waterfront opens a beautiful view .
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Q. Where did you study art?

A. I had no special artistic education. I'm studying at the University at the Historical Faculty, but I always drew. My grandfather was a drawing teacher and he paints beautiful oil paintings, mostly landscapes. When I was a child, I saw him paint and wanted to be able to paint beautifully, too. It certainly influenced me.
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Q.Do you have any favorite materials/mediums to use when creating your artwork?

A. Preferences often change. It was pencil, gouache, and ball-point pen earlier. Only recently I have started to use watercolor. 
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Q. As a budding fashion illustrator, what are your favorite top 3 sources for information on fashion and art (i.e. books, magazines, websites)? 

A. Difficult to name just three,  a lot of sources!  Basically the most popular magazines: Vogue, Elle etc.  Popular portals such ,,, and Fashion TV Channel.
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Q. What fashion illustrator do you admire most and why?

A. Retro illustrators , such as: Bernard Blossac, Charles Gates Sheldon, Christian Bérard,  Léon Bénigni and Antonio Lopez . They inspire and amaze me. 
"Punk Girls Have Heart" By: Lena Ker

Q.Can you tell us about some of your accomplishments as an illustrator/artist?

A. I think that I don't have special accomplishments yet. Maybe it's incorrect to speak  about  yourself this way, but I`m a beginning illustrator.
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Q. What advice would you give an aspiring fashion illustrator?

A. I can give advice not only to others but for myself also: Criticize yourself! This is what helps make your work better! And if something goes wrong and you find yourself waiting to move on that is not justified.  Don`t give up!  It's banal but true.
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Q. Besides being a fashion illustrator, what are some of your future fashion goals?

A. Of course, I think about the future, but  I try to not build big plans. I draw fashion illustrations now and always try looking for new opportunities.
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Q.Why did you feel compelled to make such a generous donation of your original artwork to The Compassion Fashion Project?

A. Think, if you can help, you must do it. I don`t see anything difficult to share your drawings for a good and  noble cause.For me, it will be a huge pleasure if on other end of the world, my pic`s really help, even a little. I will be really happy.
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Q. Tell people about your blog and explain how they can keep up with you and what you are doing?

A. I publish mainly drawings on my blog. Soon I plan to use more of a variety of materials: video, photo, shows that have inspired me. For me, you can also follow on Bloglovin'. Еvery new follower, I would like to pay attention to, in gratitude for his/her attention to me. But very often I just do not have time and I can not say thank you to everyone and I'm very sorry, because I am really grateful to everyone for their comments, compliments,  and nice feedback of my work. 
"You Are A Star" By: Lena Ker

The Compassion Fashion Project continues to grow and gain supporters and contributors from all across the world.  As we move forward, I hope it shows that not only are there many people out there who care deeply for this movement, but I believe that it will continue to move this topic into our everyday thoughts for improvement as a society.  We, as the creative thinkers, innovators, artists, and pioneers of our time have the opportunity to do something sublimely epic.  This is OUR moment to change the way in which the world views domestic violence by keeping the conversation going and the strategies to eliminate this senseless epidemic once and for all.


  1. OH MY GAWSH!!!! Congrats on getting such a beautiful artist to contribute to CPF...oh her illustrations are gorgeous. Going to check her out right now.

  2. Isn't she fabulous?! I absolutely adore each piece:)

  3. I love these! Beautiful.. I definitely want to purchase something for myself! What wonderful drawings and powerful messages they help portray.

  4. I really adore the "Lady in the Purple Hat." I am a big fan of those vintage white tees, so I am going to get that one for myself:) Lena is absolutely the sweetest person, too.

  5. What funky drawings! Isn't it wonderful how the world becomes a little smaller with the world wide web :-)


  6. Yes, Lena's pretty fab and trendy with her illustrations. She's very much on point with what's going on right now in fashion:) We just love her!

  7. Her illustrations are so great oh my God. Congrats on meeting such a fabulous illustrator!

  8. Lena's work is amazing, really impressive stuff. I'm such an admirer of her illustrations!

  9. Thanks Nina and Sunny! Everyone stay tuned for some really cool stuff we have coming up about Sunny, too.~M

  10. firstly, i think u guys deserve a pat on the back for coming out with a blog that has such a noble intent!
    i am loving the hand painted/printed tees and those tote's are too cute!
    also, lena is supremely talented!will definitely check out her blog!