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Friday, April 8, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Joan Hornig's Message to All, "Philanthropy is Beautiful"

Disco Fever Earrings $3900

Stars like Miley Cyrus, Christie Brinkley, Eva Mendes, Kristin Chenoweth, and Megan Fox, just to name a few have discovered and supported the dual purpose jewelry line Joan Hornig Jewelry.    When I say "dual purpose" I am, of course, talking about the fact that Joan Hornig Jewelry is not only beautiful, but is a business built on philanthropy.  Hornig did her Art History undergraduate studies at Harvard before earning her MBA at Columbia Business School.  Through her eye for art and design merging with her business sense was born her jewelry line which exudes beauty, fashion, and philanthropy.  In fact, Hornig's message "Philanthropy is Beautiful"  is quite literally seen on some of her designs.  What portion of the proceeds go to charity, you ask?  Try 100%!  Since that lovely gesture just wasn't enough for Hornig, she decided to also set up her company, so that the purchaser has the opportunity to choose any charity of their choice to donate the funds to.  That's right!  You get the opportunity to pick your favorite charity to receive the funds, just as long as your charity is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.
Keshi Pearl Necklace $3200

For The Compassion Fashion Project, it begged the question, what domestic violence causes has benefited from Joan Hornig Jewelry?  Well, ask and you will's the list and links:

Zipp-Up Cuff, $745

Operations Manager, Clotilde Dedecker, explains to us how Joan Hornig Jewelry operates through charity, "The goal of our line is to make every purchaser a philanthropist. The list of charities on our website are all the organizations our customers have supported in through their purchases. Every time a new organization is selected, a new charity is added to the list. "
As seen worn by Olivia Wilde, The Poppy Ring, $5000

Knock On Wood Necklace, $135

It is the mission of The Compassion Fashion Project to inform people of wonderful companies like Joan Hornig, so that as a society we become more aware of how we spend our money.  We also make it our mission to take away the stigma that is attached to domestic violence causes and promote awareness in a trendy fashion.  I believe that as we ask women to change and transform themselves through empowerment that our message becomes synonymous with that of what fashion stands for which is a constant climate of change.  When companies like Joan Hornig stands up for people in this world who need our help, it makes a bold and powerful statement.  I applaud Joan Hornig and all her associates for what they are doing and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to write this feature.
As seen on Cameron Diaz, The Tiki Ring, $735

Saw Through It Necklace, $125

Design and Public Relations Associate for Joan Hornig, Mardee Goff, tells us what she thinks about The Compassion Fashion Project, "We love finding people who get our mission the way you do and can not thank you enough for helping spread the word. The Compassion Fashion Project is truly an amazing blog, and your mission is truly inspiring! "

I cannot say enough good things about this company and the people who work for Joan Hornig Jewelry.  If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, why look anywhere else?  Make your purchase mean something and let's all be aware of where and how we shop.  To purchase any of these pieces seen here, simply click on the red link under each photo or go to

Check these out:
Philanthropy is Beautiful Stationary made from recycled materials, $30
Wrapped in Philanthropy Gift Tags  
Pack of 25 seeded gift tags perfect for your holiday gift wrapping needs. Tags are plantable and will blossom into wildflowers within 1-4 weeks after planting! Available with gift giver's name custom printed for an extra $5.00. 

Elephant Dung Paper Stationary Set, $65
Set of eight elephant dung notecards with matching hemp envelopes enclosed in Philanthropy is Beautiful® regenerated leather, reusable case. Leather cases are available in red or black. Please specify color preference. Notecards are made of Pachyderm Paper, a bi-product of elephant dung. This paper converts an abundant resource into an asset and economic outlet in areas throughout Asia.


  1. OH EM GEE!! Friend, I did not know about Joan Hornig!!!!-YOU KNOW I LOVE IT!!! Wonderful job yet again, discovering something so beautiful. HEART YOU!

  2. Wow! What a creative mind -- Joan, you are my hero. (AND who doesn't know someone they'd like to send a well-crafted message on elephant dung paper? I'm thinkin' Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, my freshman English teacher who didn't believe in giving A's...I could go on and on...)

  3. I know I had to show that "Elephant Dung" stationary! lol! Joan Hornig and all her staff must be some of the coolest people ever.~Meredith

  4. Wow, I see so much trouble in the world that sometimes I stop believing in the human race, but projects like this give me the strength to be someone better. I couldn't imagine that someone would do such beautiful things at their own cost and asking nothing more than to spread the love.

    Thank you for sharing this. <3

  5. It is great to see people with talents making the most of them. Not only is the jewelry beautiful but the cause is beautiful. Some people waste their talents and this goes to show that we are given talents for more than one purpose. Women can be so empowering, inspiring and this is just another wonderful example!

  6. You are absolutely right, Stacy. I hope that others will understand that by using your creative talents for the good of others is what this life is about. We can all make time to give back in our own ways. We may not all be a Joan Hornig, but we can all do something.

  7. Oh my gosh, these pieces are breathtaking! I love the Olivia Wilde ring -- so beautiful. I was worried nothing would be affordable from this company but I could certainly purchase that stationery! What an amazing cause and company. As always, great work CFP :)
    Twitter @theloudermouth

  8. I know, I love that ring, too! I tried to show the range of prices they have available...some are quite affordable for us everyday folks.

  9. I'm usually suspicious of consumerist goods being sold for noble purposes because it's often just a marketing strategy (cf. Dove or Gap's (RED) collection), but if 100% of the profit goes to philanthropy that can't be the case, so I fully applaud this initiative!

  10. Thanks for sharing about Joan's work. The Tiki ring, stationary & well, all of them are wonderful pieces & for a great cause. I love the fact that her company operates through charity. Great post!