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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing Our New Contributing Fashion Illustrator...Gabby Hale!

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Gabby Hale is originally from Singapore, but is currently living and going to college as a fashion student in Houston, Texas.  She claims to love the three S's...Shoes, Shopping, and Sleeping...a girl after my own heart!  Her current goals are to travel the world and become a shoe legend, like her idol Manolo Blahnik, by designing thousands of shoes by retirement.  She is well on her way and has created a "Sunday ONLY" shoe blog with original short stories and original shoe designs.  Between the dates of January 16, 2011 and December 25, 2011, Gabby has comitted to designing 59 shoe designs with 59 short stories attached.  Follow Gabby on her wild design ride this year on her blog Hi Hi Heels.

This tiny tote with artwork by Gabby Hale is available here.

Gabby's goals, however, far outreach her design ambitions as she also wants to make a difference in the world.  On her blog she mentions some her concerns for the masses including "happiness, health, and safety for all her loved ones, world peace, and hopes one day we find a cure for cancer."  She is starting here at The Compassion Fashion Project by donating her talent for art and design to our online boutique to help us raise funds for our mission to continue to provide fashionable clothing, accessories, and personal care products to those whom have been affected by domestic violence.  Gabby not only designs "beautiful soles," she is a "beautiful soul."

Shoe designer Gabby Hale creates "Embrace" for our shop.
I first met Gabby on IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) in a group she had created for Project  Runway lovers and loved her work.

I reached out to Gabby about donating some of her designs to The Compassion Fashion Project boutique.

Gabby takes her shoe designing very seriously and once told me, "I love shoe designing so much."

When I asked her about her art she replied, "I actually do not think I'm much of an artist but more of a designer."

Well, Gabby, I think it's safe to say, you are both! 

"New Bloom" is available for purchase at our boutique.
When chatting about The Compassion Fashion Project she added, "I am very serious about charity work."

Gabby and I discussed the reasons why Elizabeth Newell, my social media administrator, and I are so passionate about our cause and Gabby replied "I'm very impressed with you and your friend's efforts to try to make a difference."

Now Gabby will be making a difference, too.  I was very impressed by the care and thought that she put into her designs for us with the theme of women breaking free from their past and gaining independence. Each design posesses its own special name that she had in mind during the creating process.  Names like "Breaking Free," "Embrace,"
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and "New Bloom," are sure to inspire any woman who has had to start anew.

We are very proud to have her on our team her at The Compassion Fashion Project as a Contributing Fashion Illustrator and supporter.  Show Gabby some love by following her blog Hi Hi Heels and becoming a fan on her Facebook Page today!


  1. I adore the shoes. I want at least one pair. LOL!

  2. These tees are really cute! So original and glamourous!

  3. She is absolutely fabulous! I am so proud to be working with such an amazing talent on the rise...everyone please go send Gabby some love by reading her blog and "liking" her Facebook to Gabby's blog included in this article:)