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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink Slipper Project Update

Elizabeth Newell, Program Advocacy Director  
Elizabeth Newell, our Program Advocacy Director, has just delivered 300 pairs of slippers via the Pink Slipper Project coming through for our women and children living in women's shelters.  Newell organized the facilitation and delivery on her own with the important help of Joyce Lucas, founder of The Pink Slipper Project, and her valuable supporters.  Women from all over the United States have come together to crochet, knit or hand sew these adorable pieces of footwear to warm hearts and toes.

Newell scheduled her deliver to the Quad City Family Resources Services yesterday and the slippers will be distributed among shelters in Iowa and Illinois.  With 300 more on the way via Pink Slipper Project challenges, Newell will give the Quad Cities the opportunity to supply the women and children with slippers for one year to all residents.  Big high five to Elizabeth Newell, Joyce Lucas and the Pink Slipper Project ladies!
A display of slippers organized and photographed by Elizabeth Newell.
Fuzzy slippers by The Pink Slipper Project.  

Earthtone slippers by The Pink Slipper Project.

Children's slippers by The Pink Slipper Project.  
Uber cool "Converse" style slippers!

Children's slippers hand-made by The Pink Slipper Project.

More slippers delivered by Elizabeth Newell.


  1. awww may God bless her soul.

  2. Aww they're so cute! I love seeing the fruition of all the efforts that went into this. I remember writing about the Pink Slipper Project back in the when and now this! Love it!

  3. Nice work, Liz! I'm loving the converse-style slippers!

  4. Aww so cute! There adorable! Please visit my blo, I need your help!



  5. sooo cute! I knitted something alike for my niece when she was little but I never could even think of doing it so nice!

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