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Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Week's Feature: Innovative Scarf Company Empowering Women

Joyce Marie of No-Fuss Scarves
Photo provided by: Joyce Marie
No-Fuss Scarves was created by Joyce Marie, a fashion industry maven with thirty years worth of designer/seamstress experience.  Picking up on the fact that the scarf industry had become outdated, Joyce Marie decided she would try her hand at changing the scarf design and strategy.

"Women hardly wear them anymore, especially the square scarf.  In fact teens don’t wear them at all.  So, I asked myself...why is that?  It was obvious that in our Western culture, with today’s clothing styles, the traditional square has long been outdated," says Marie.

Knowing that scarves have the ability to add much more character to a woman's wardrobe, Marie patented two different scarf designs.  Her goal in doing so has provided women with the opportunity to own one scarf with many different functions.  Her designs can be worn as a shirt, a dress, a skirt or simply as a scarf, plus many more uses.  With these new alternatives this makes "shopping on a budget" easy.  Owning just a few designs can redefine a women's entire wardrobe.
Various ways of wearing No-Fuss Scarves
Photos provided by: Joyce Marie

No-Fuss Scarves has not stopped their mission of empowering women as the company is an active charitable contributor to many women's causes including The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and the Women's Employment Network.  They are even affiliated with the Dress for Success program and have attended functions hosted by the organization.  No-Fuss Scarves fashion shows are educational and actually provide step-by-step instructions for women on how to wear the scarves in creative ways.  They will continue to make programs and demonstrations part of their strategic goals in their business plan.
No-Fuss Scarves Fashion Show
Photo provided by: Joyce Marie

Joyce Marie comments,"What wonderful work you are doing with The Compassion Fashion Project! Bringing awareness to our attention as Fashion Designers of all kinds to be compassionate toward women of need with fashion! As a Women, no matter what our status, circumstances, or race, we strive to look our best. I stand by my motto:  "Encouraging Women to Look and Feel Beautiful".  I am happy to donate pieces of my product to The Compassion Fashion Project to be used toward a charitable cause."
Backstage at the No-Fuss Scarves Fashion Show
Photo provided by: Joyce Marie


  1. Very creative. Great post. X

  2. You can never have enough hats, gloves, scarves and shoes :)

  3. very lovely and creative.
    Its been a while u posted something.
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  4. Awesome!!!! I am a biiiig fan of the square scarf myself. Love that they are also involved with really great charities. I have a close tie with Dress for Success, so happy to see them here. Going to check this out right this instant. Thanks for the introduction, Meredith!

  5. They are absolutely beautiful and sooo unique! I love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks ladies! She fits in perfectly with our project's lucky to have connected with her PLUS she is going to send some donations to The CFP which we will distribute here in AR to one of our women's shelters.

  7. Finally there's a scarf company that empowers women. Love it!

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