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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Week's Feature: La Boutique Beignet, Ooh La La

Designer Christina Ann Janssen with her diva darling, Beignet.
Model, Lady B

I have been wanting to write a feature ever since we started talking about protection for women, especially for domestic violence survivors, on the benefit of owning a dog.  For a woman living solo, it is a wonderful idea to consider having your own pooch, not only for protection, but also companionship.  We all know dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell and hearing, so they make perfect built in alarm systems.  Growing up, we owned chihuahuas and although our our little darlings were small, they were mighty!  Okay, maybe the bark was bigger than the bite, but if someone was on our property we knew immediately.

For those seeking the bark and the bite, a larger dog, such as a German Shepherd is a great choice as they serve as protection, but are also known to be super smart and great with children.  For those coming out of abusive relationships, I would encourage you to adopt a dog that fits into your family and your lifestyle.  Training your pooch can take some time and cooperation, but you will get back so much more in the end.  For women living alone in general, it is a good idea to own a dog.  When taking a run in the park or hiking a trail, it would behoove you to take precautions and not go on these outings by yourself.  Predators prey on women who seem vulnerable and with "Bruiser" by your side, a fragile flower you will not appear to be.

Purchase this design by Janssen exclusively at La Boutique Beignet.

Lady B in Janssen's design

Now let me turn your attention to the "fashion" portion of this article and introduce you to doggie digs designer extraordinaire Christina Ann Janssen and her furry love Beignet (or Lady B).  I happened to come upon Janssen and her adorable online shop La Boutique Beignet.  Janssen designs the poshest of the posh fashions for your little (or large) furballs.  To top it off, her whole website was created by none other than our friend,  Joyce Lucas with the Pink Slipper Project.  The Pink Slipper Project just recently helped The Compassion Fashion Project secure a very large donation to our local domestic violence shelters.  Lucas is also a web designer and her company's name is Cottage Collections.  If you are looking for something completely unique and divine for your website, please contact Lucas and be sure to check out her amazing work on La Boutique Beignet.

Janssen is such a talent and creates lovely garments in so many different styles.  Lady B is her model and does such a wonderful job posing for the camera.  According to Janssen, Lady B will walk right up to her with open paws ready to try on her latest cute is that?!  She has spring/summer collections as well as fall/winter collections.  When I first contacted Janssen she was working on her swimwear line for summer and had begun photo shoots with Beignet.

30 pound client, Precious.

Here is a list of a few of her fashion collections:


Swimwear Collection  

And many, many more!

Lady B is being interviewed by People Magazine here and being compared to a Kardashian sister!
Reality T.V. star, Cubby, wearing La Boutique Beignet attire!

Some of Janssen's celebrity clientele includes Lola , Pringles commercial star and Guess and Swarovsky runway model, Tasha Bella, who is a member of DAG (Dog Actor's Guild), star of movies, commercials and the runway and Cubby, featured in this article, who can add "reality star" to her resume by starring in the New York based series "Doggie Moms" ...she has already been signed for the next season.

Lady B and gal pal with the infamous, Naked Cowboy in New York City!

I am telling you, this is the cutest website I have ever seen and is worth checking out, even if you are not a dog owner.  If you own a large dog, Janssen does couture work made especially for you darling, so no worries about size.  "Bruiser" may not want to wear a tutu, but he will look quite savvy in the sportswear collection or maybe a tee design.  With so much to choose from, you will surely find something amazing and be able to incorporate fashion into your "little protector's" life...a must!

The gorgeous designs are never ending at La Boutique Beignet 

Tips for adopting a dog according to the ASPCA:

  • Before you adopt a pet, talk to family members about what they want.
  •  If you’re getting a pet for your children, don’t expect the kiddies to do all the work.  
  • Make sure your family is ready for the changes a new pet will bring.
  • Do a little research to learn which breed matches your family’s lifestyle.
  • Confirm whether anyone in your family suffers from allergies.
  • Teach your family and kids about pet parenting before you adopt.
  • Know that some animals and young children may not play well together.
  •  Make sure a pet suits your home and lifestyle.
  • Stock up on supplies, food and toys before you bring a pet home.
  • Create a schedule to share responsibility for caring for your pet.

Janssen and Lady B walk the red carpet at a special event.

Most of all dogs will give you companionship, love and everlasting loyalty.  Thank you to Christina Ann Janssen and Beignet for allowing us to feature their diva doggie line of fashions, Lady B Couture, in this article!  Today Lady B has become an official advocate for women.  Congratulations Lady B!

Lady B Couture...Ooh La La!


  1. lol..
    Never thought of it like this..
    Dogs are really man's best friend.

  2. Haha! Right?!

    I tried to tie it all together and as with most serendipitous things concerning this literally all came together like a puzzle. Love her little couture doggie digs. So cute!

  3. What a wonderful post about a wonderful lady. I also loved your take on having a dog for protection. There have been times that I have been fearful and Dixie the beagle stepped up to protect me.
    Thank you for the work you're doing, and for the shout out for Cottage Collections, and the Pink Slipper Project. The Compassion Fashion Project is a true networker, and friend to the Pink Slipper Project.

    Congratulations Christina!

    Joyce Lucas

  4. Thanks Joyce! We love you ladies and are happy to be able to now promote your fabulous web design skills:-)

  5. Wow, those are just fantastic outfits! I wish my Siberian Husky would stand still long enough to wear one :-) My pooch helped me greatly during my rough years in a violent relationship, and even more so afterwards with companionship, loyalty, affection, energy and true devotion. I agree with you, a great idea for any single woman.

  6. Heehee, Mr. Husky might like a t-shirt, though:-)