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Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Week's Feature: Haughty Cosmetics, Beyond Skin Deep

Edwards with Becky Lee (Becky's Fund), Paul Wharton and all the owners
of Toka Salon at the Haughty Launch Party.
Photo by Anchyi Wei.

It was relatively easy choosing this week's feature article when I ran across Michelle Coyle Edwards, founder of Haughty Cosmetics.   Edwards touts designing a luxury hand-crafted brand of lip gloss using only the highest of quality ingredients which will improve your skin every time you use them.  True, it is a glamorous cosmetic brand,  yet Haughty Cosmetics goes way beyond being only skin-deep.  A professional with an MBA from Dartmouth College, Edwards has developed her business to give back to domestic violence causes including the prestigious 501(c)3 non-profit, Becky's Fund.  Becky's Fund was founded by Becky Lee, who in addition to her accomplished educational background obtaining her Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Michigan, is also a reality T.V. star.  Lee appeared on "Survivor-Cook Islands" in 2006 and received second runner-up.  Using her winnings from the show, she launched Becky's Fund to educate and empower women through domestic violence prevention programs.

Photo by Christiana Aretta

In an article with Take Part, Inspiration to Action, Michelle Coyle Edwards says of her own personal experience with domestic violence, "It was something that was very hard to live through and get out of."

Photo by Anchyi Wei

Michelle Coyle Edwards
Photo by Karen Leonard

She chose the word "haughty" for her line, meaning "condescendingly proud."  The word can often be seen in a negative light, but feels that when we are trying to prevent women from entering into a violent relationship being proud is something to hold onto.  Edwards wants women to "take that word back."  Each shade is hand produced in her own facility by she and her employees to create the perfect blend every time.  Every lip gloss comes with a message of empowerment including, "Speak Up," "Take a Risk," and "Pull it Together."  Edwards is committed to donating 50% of the net proceeds from Haughty Cosmetics directly to domestic violence causes.  This was a largely in part to donating as much proceeds as possible and still keeping the business running. 

I love her tenacity and admire what Edwards is doing, so when I contacted Haughty Cosmetics through their website contact form I was happy to be able to communicate with Edwards personally when writing this article.  She is no doubt fierce to take on this cause and in such an edgy way.  Speaking out against domestic violence can be hard to do, but Edwards is showing the masses that you can do it and you can look amazing, too!  Read what Haughty Cosmetics says they are about:

Michelle Coyle Edwards exhibiting her make-up artist skills.

"At Haughty, we see women as beautiful and intelligent, glamorous and accomplished, sophisticated and caring. We seek to provide products that empower these diverse, multi-faceted women to feel confident and strong in all aspects of their daily lives. We started Haughty with a dream to launch a new cosmetics brand for girls like us: educated and accomplished women who know that when it comes to beauty, presentation is everything."

Haughty Cosmetics' pink office space.  Love the pillow that reads, "BE NICE OR LEAVE."

Haughty is already being sold in Bella Cara in Alexandria, Virginia and Violet Boutique in Washington, D.C.   Of course, you can also purchase the line on their website, too.  If you are a boutique owner and excited to carry Haughty Cosmetics, you can contact Michelle Coyle Edwards directly through Haughty    

After introducing Edwards to The Compassion Fashion Project, here is what she said about us:

“I think the Compassion Fashion Project is a great idea, because I believe that looking good is an important part of feeling good, especially when you’re recovering from a situation in which someone has spent a long time making you feel bad about yourself. When recovering from abuse, after months or possibly years of being demeaned, put down, and made to feel crazy, oftentimes the first step to regaining confidence and a sense of self is to literally ‘put on a brave face’; a head-to-toe makeover can be both indicative of and a catalyst for an inner psychological transformation, that moment a woman decides to take back control over her own happiness and live her own life.”

We couldn't agree more!

*FUN FACT* Michelle Coyle Edwards says she "is a friend to all koalas" as seen in this recent trip to Australia.


  1. Both ladies so inspirational. Becky with spending her winnings for a good cause. Wow how many people would do that? I will definitely have to check out this makeup line. For a good cause and improves my lips! Def win!

    Live Life in Style

  2. It's through these collaborative efforts as a group that we can all make things change! What an inspiration they both will be to other women who want to do GREAT things in their own communities:-) Go Michelle and Becky!