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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glamour Illustration for Our T-shirt Line By the Talented Artist Donna Sy

Artist, Donna Sy with her daughter, Chloe...cute!

I met Donna Sy, who everyone in the blogger community knows as "This Lady Behaves."  Her original blog is a montage of her favorite fashions, photos,and blurbs about Sy's take on style.  Recently, Sy sent me a message on Fashion Industry Network and announced her newest blog she affectionately calls Knickerless Doodles.  Well, I did not know that Sy was an illustrator, so I was excited to see her artwork.  Her aesthetic was different from anything we have so far on our boutique and I thought she would make a  great addition to our team of contributors.  What makes our products so unique is the artists we have been able to connect with.  Right now, we have contributing illustrators from seven different countries and three different states in the United States.  These are a group of talented people who are committed to helping The Compassion Fashion Project grow and spread the message that domestic violence should never be tolerated.  We support domestic violence survivors and are working very hard to expand our mission.  My firm belief is that as we gain more collaboration through various mediums, we will provide more aid and hope to the women and their children who need it most.
Artwork by Donna Sy on a tank, $21.00.

Lately, many of our supporters have been asking about our t-shirt line, how the funds are distributed, and what our future goals are.  I want to try and answer a few of these questions and am happy to let you all in on our goals with our products.  Right now we have a "virtual" online boutique through a company called Zazzle. Zazzle is a great place for artists to upload their work and post on products.  Zazzle handles the orders, manufacturing, billing, and shipping of all our products.  Because of all these services that are provided, The Compassion Fashion Project receives a percentage of each sale (around 25%).  This commission goes into an account we have on Zazzle and is not being touched as we save to file our 501(c)3 status, which is what you have to do in the U.S. to become registered with the government and receive all the benefits that come along with being a non-profit.  Your purchases are extremely important to the longevity of our organization.  As for future plans, my hope is that we can find a manufacturer that will reasonably mass produce our t-shirt line with all our beautiful illustrations for us to distribute to the women's shelters that we work with.  Another hope is that we can use this t-shirt line to sustain our organization through sales to the public and continue to grow and move our message and services into other areas in the world.

Without further ado, our newest member of our team, Donna Sy, in her own words:

"Rock and Roll," by Donna Sy for The Compassion Fashion Project.

Q.  You have been blogging about fashion for some time when you decided to create a "fashion illustration only" blog.  What made you decide to create this new blog?

A.  I have been blogging about fashion bloggers and vintage beauty for about three months. During my birthday I tested myself by posting one of my drawings.  Only then, did people start commenting and telling me how good the drawings were and that I should do more and post more drawings. So I did.  I alternated my posts.  I would post about a blogger then I would post one fashion illustration. I was getting emails personally asking me if I could give them tips on how to draw.. you know.. the whole nine yards.  I myself did not take up fashion.  I am an artist with a paintbrush and a fashion illustrator with a pencil...I can't help drawing clothes!  :) 

"Rock and Roll" on a tote, $11.95. 

Q.  Where are you from and what is the style like there?

A.  I was born in Philippines. I moved to Greece when I was 7, studied at Byron College, a British school where I took arts and crafts.  I stayed there until I turned 18.  I came back here (Manila) to study architecture. I didn't do so good at that, because my heart didn't really belong in that department.. so now I paint and blog.  :)  The styles here are simple,but people here in Manila can adapt very fast and they know what is beautiful.  If there is money in the pocket, they know which shoes or bag to buy! :)

Sterling Silver Plated Necklace, $29.95.  

Q.  What mediums do you enjoy using for your illustrations (pen, pencil, paper)?

A.  For illustrations I love using pencil: 2b first, then 4b and finally 8b. I like to splash it up with some aquarelle colours...Sometimes...  

"Not Delicate," By: Donna Sy  

Q.  What is your background in this field?

A.   I am just a painter in high heels! :) I didn't take up fashion, but I am a personal stylist occasionally, when I am not preparing for an exhibition.   

"Trapped,"By: Donna Sy 

Q.   How do you come up with ideas and inspiration for your artwork?

A.  Sometimes I see great pictures, natural poses and natural beauty and I think... hmmm, lets's draw that! Sometimes I have a dress in mind and in order to save in a hard copy, so I don't forget about this idea... I draw it! 

Q.   Do you have any favorite fashion sources (books, magazines, websites.)?

A.  It has to be "Shopping for Vintage" by Funmi Odulate. Inside there are some amazing fashion illustrations. 

Q.  What are your future goals for the fashion industry?

A.  Future goals? Maybe bringing back a whole lot more of that 70's feel and look, but with a twist of modern chic and natural sophistication!

Q.  Tell us about your brand you are building, "This Lady Behaves."  Who is the "This Lady Behaves" girl?

A.  This Lady Behaves is a sarcastic brand. I don't quite know what to call it.  It is a girl with confidence and style and not scared to show it.  She has the mindset that vintage beauty never gets boring.  She has will and motivation. That's what "behaves" means to me really.  Not someone who sits in one corner and just keeps quiet!  Nope!  Someone loud and ready to party! Who it is? Me in the daughter in the future. :)

"Powerful Rich," By: Donna Sy  

Q.  How can people keep up with what you are doing and contact you for collaboration?

A.  They can go to my blogs:
         Knickerless Doodles 
         This Lady Behaves  

         or email me:

Q.  What compelled you to want to donate artwork to The Compassion Fashion Project?

A.  You seem like a great human being, hon!!  You are beautiful, driven and a goal achiever! You are hard working and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!  I love what you do and I have so much respect for you!  So big kiss and big thank you! 

 Right back at you! THANK YOU!

I absolutely adore Donna's paintings, which I didn't even know about until this interview, so be sure to go check them out here!  Wow, Donna...I am impressed!


  1. she is such a talented blogger! thanks for the interview!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. thanks so much darling! i don't know what to say!
    i love it! i love everything about it!
    stay in touch love!


  3. She is so talented!!! I like her work!!! Another great post from The Compassion Fashion Project!!
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Your amazing.I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work.God bless you my daughter.You make me so happy.

    Lot of love and kisses.

  5. Awww, I love that your mom stopped by to support you, Donna!

    Mom, you raised an amazing young lady! Donna is a beautiful person inside and out.~Meredith

  6. hehehehee i love her to bits! she used my tiny sis's blog to comment! hehehe thanks you all! thank you! i was in the news paper today! i am sooo happy! hehehe

  7. You were in the newspaper?!!!! Scan it and put it on your blog! I want to see:-)

  8. i'll try hon. i have no scanner. its just a publication that they feature for every exhibits! :)

  9. Oh, okay. Well, congrats nonetheless, that's awesome!