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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Week's Challenge: THINK Magazine Gives Us Something to Think About

Each week until our event, Divas Dressing Darlings, I am featuring one of our partners and/or sponsors.  This week I would like to introduce THINK Magazine.   From the inception of this event Jacqueline Carlisle, editor-in-chief of THINK, has been by my side rallying me on as we plan this joint venture together.  As soon as I discovered Little Dresses for Africa and proposed this as our benefit recipient, Carlisle was on board.  Through much collaboration between the two of us, Divas Dressing Darlings was born as a cross-border fundraiser, she in Toronto and I in Arkansas.  It has been a wonderful ride and even though I had my reservations at the beginning of her idea of a "red-carpet style event," I am glad that I saw her vision and could implement it.

Now, what is THINK Magazine?  Here is a summary in Carlisle's own words:

"Think magazine is your quintessential online destination to sustainable living. We cover fashion, architecture and design of all disciplines as well as technology. Provocative editorials from around the world will feature the best in design, living, and service. Reflected in the articles and imagery, Think magazine searches the globe to find the future of design.  Think magazine's international readers are influential, conscious consumers with a strong sense of style, and a passion for design. They are high achievers, successful in their chosen professions and realize they do not have to sacrifice style and comfort for the sake of the planet. They have an enormous appetite for sustainable design, and continue to search for products and services that meet their requirements."

THINK was launched in 2009 and is an online publication resembling a "flip-through" magazine.  The images are of the highest quality, so not only is it fun to is fun to look at.  

Carlisle speaks of its readers' demographic saying, "Think magazine's readers are consciously seeking a progressive luxurious sustainable lifestyle. They are highly influential, affluent men and women who are looking at the world differently."


For a limited time only, Think magazine offers its 3-month box ad for $600.
This package features a 300x300 box ad displayed on the right side of the fashion,
living or contact page; for any purchased spot, the next month is free with unlimited
views up to 3 months.

The most effective way to advertise with THINK Magazine is to buy a variety of ad sizes, both in 
related blogs and website pages. THINK offers a full page single and double page ad within 
the magazine that stays online in the archives starting at $850 per issue, or 300x300 
box ads on the right corner of both the fashion and the living blogs for $450 per 

300x600 content ads are displayed in line with blog posts for $600 per month.
THINK also offers 300x900 box ads, displayed on every page below the 300x600 box
ad, for $750 per month.

Do you want to stay on the homepage? Here is another limited time offer that
features a 280x396 box ad purchased for 3 months plus one month free for $850.

Alternatively you may purchase the homepage box ad for $750 per month.

Do you have a desire to make a large splash? If so THINK Magazine would love to talk to you
about cover billboards and site takeovers. 


  1. Think Magazine is such an amazingly designed magazine.. like the new layout of this site. WOW! WHO DESIGNED IT, MEREDITH? It's sooo nice! That illustrated header/banner is beyond fabulous. Love everything about it!

  2. Cool magazine! I'll have to start reading them!

    Live Life in Style

  3. lovely magazine. which i can get it in nigeria.
    good job girl keep it up.

  4. Thanks ladies! She has developed a fabulous magazine.

    Sunny, the header was designed by my new artist, And Tan or Pepper N' Queen (I have her link under "Contributing Artists & Sponsors" on the right). I will be featuring her interview later in the week. She is amazing and in HIGH SCHOOL...our youngest artist:-)

  5. Though I usually resist obvious plugs, this actually looks quite interesting!

  6. Well, THINK Magazine is interesting with a very cutting edge style. I am happy to be able to introduce this luxury design mag as well as expose THINK's philanthropic efforts to help us raise funds and awareness for LDFA.