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Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Our Guest of Honor for our Event, Korto Momolu

Photo provided by Korto Momolu.
How much do I love this designer?!  Korto Momolu has been a huge inspiration for me, because not only does she have the determination of a lioness, but she lives in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.  I wrote a short article about her in August of 2009 on what I call my "experimental blog," Arkansas Fashion.  Funny how things sometimes come full circle in life as Korto Momolu has agreed to make a special guest appearance at The Compassion Fashion Project's first event, Divas Dressing Darlings.  I knew that she was the perfect local celeb to ask to come, because of her past philanthropic efforts not to mention...she is FABULOUS!  She was born in Liberia, West Africa and immigrated to Canada with her family in 1990 where she eventually studied design at L'Academies des Couturiers Design Institute in Ottawa, Ontario.  After graduation she moved to Arkansas with her husband to live and raise their daughter, whom Momolu says is "a constant source of inspiration for her."  If you watch the above video, you will see her pull her daughter up on the stage with her at the end of her showing.  It is a sweet moment.
(Left) Tatyana Ali in spring 2011 jacket, (Right Top) Beverly Johnson in custom dress,
(Bottom Right) Vanessa Williams in custom necklace
Press Kit provided by Korto Momolu.

Obviously, Momolu is best known for her appearance on season 5 of Project Runway where she made it to the finals to show her collection at Bryant Park and inevitably won first-runner up.  Project Runway brought her back for a second show called the "All-Stars Edition" when the show made a switch from Bravo to Lifetime.  Many disputed the fact that she placed first-runner up for the second time and felt she deserved first place, but this is a constant controversy on this show amongst PR enthusiasts who do not agree with the judges decisions.
(Left) Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Bailey, cover, (Right) Lisa Raye McCoy in Today's Black Woman Magazine
Press Kit provided by Korto Momolu. 

In no way has Korto Momolu (pronounced Cut*Oh- Mo*Mo*Lu) let that one show define her as a designer nor otherwise as she continues her business and is a very popular stylist as well.  In fact, when I first reached out to Eljay Deshield, her PR manager, back in February of this year she was busy with her show at New York Fashion Week and has had success after success in the fashion industry.  She has formed a partnership with Dillard's where over 70 stores carry her line of handbags and jewelry.  Her jewelry line ",The Saba Collection," is a high end line created with eco-friendly wood.  Her humanitarian efforts go far beyond her ideas for sustainable design as she has been appointed the "Goodwill Ambassador" for the Tigerlily Foundation and supported the "Go Orange" campaign benefiting the New York Food Bank.  These are just a couple of her non-profit endeavours and now she is helping The Compassion Fashion Project provide aid to the 501(c)3 non-profit, Little Dresses for Africa.  Believe me when I say that this shows her genuine compassion for worthy causes, since we are still grass roots and were thrilled with her acceptance of our invitation.
(Top) Little Rock Family Magazine, (Bottom Left) ShopFlick, (Bottom Right )  Essence Magazine
Press Kit provided by Korto Momolu

So, in conclusion if you will be in the central Arkansas area on June 16, 2011, please come to our event and get your own chance to meet this unique fashion designer with a heart of gold.  We will be serving wine and refreshments, listening to LIVE music by Jessica Carder, and triumphing an amazing cause.  All we ask is that you bring in your new or gently used pillowcases and/or any unwanted sewing machines to benefit the orphans who need our help with clothing in Africa.  Not only does Little dresses for Africa supply dresses for girls and little britches for boys using the pillowcase donations, they also teach the women and older children in the villages to sew.  This is such a special event that you do not want to miss it!  See our "Event" page for more details.  Thank you so much, Korto, for your participation and for my favorite new quote from you:

"Love*Hope*Faith*Repeat*."~Korto Momolu
(Top Left)"The Saba Collection," (Top Right) Saba in Smithsonian Catalog,
(Bottom Left) Sanlori Stationary launch spring 2011, (Bottom Right) Young and the Restless cast wearing Saba
Press Kit provided by Korto Momolu.


  1. OH FRIEND!! I told you before I could not be more proud of you, but I will say it again, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I can not believe the things you are accomplishing and it's a fantastic thing to see you grow this way. I know your event will be a huge success.

    And helloooooo...I LOVE Korto!

  2. This is Exciting! I will definitely check her fashions out. I Love learning about new designers, especially ones that have a good heart.

  3. Korto is amazing for jumping on board for our cause. I hope everyone can see what a valuable asset she truly is to the fashion industry for filling her time with philanthropic efforts.

  4. A friend of mine says that we need to be involved in meaningful work instead of meaningless snacking. Korto, the work you are involved in is meaningful.

  5. LOL! I think we can all learn something from your friend's quote.

    Since Korto has products ranging from high end luxury design to candles and stationary, everyone has the opportunity to own something designed by Korto!

  6. We are really proud of her here in Arkansas.

  7. Korto Momolu, I will check her out!!!Thank you for sharing this!!!
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. What a great story and post. Thanks for sharing! I am one of your followers now. Come by :)