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Thursday, April 21, 2011

That is Enough, By: Anonymous

Photo By: Sujin Jetkasettakorn

I wonder if there will be a day

That I can smile and really be okay?

I wonder if everyone will know just by looking at me

That I am broken and I am not at all free?

To those who know they call me strong, and

I cannot bring myself to tell them they are all wrong.

To those who do not know or who can’t understand,

The pain I have endured has left without a sensible plan.

I have changed.

My eyes no longer gleam in the sunlight, 

My thoughts are always haunting me during the night.

The guilt is always there that I am to blame

For their behavior, lies, and games.

I have endured verbal beatings because I refuse to

Fight a fight in which everyone will lose.

I will not defend myself in a web of lies,

Nor will I fight to tell my side.

It’s over now

Or so they say, but my mind refuses to let me play.

Instead I am kept in torment

Of the past I cannot forget.

The damage that was done to my insides

Will not just die.

I have a good life…a family, two wonderful kids, a house and a great job;

Some would say I have it all.

But inside me lives a pain

That is so deep and runs through my veins.

It keeps me from being the girl I want to be,

The woman I seek to find inside of me.

When is it really over?

Perhaps a question I cannot answer,

But I live each day with the intent of being okay…

And for now, that is enough to get me through each day.


  1. Touching you never know what someone is going through.

  2. You are absolutely right about that. The fact that we do not know is an inclination for us all to be more compassionate towards one another and more aware of the human condition. In return, we will create a better world.