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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Vote for Designer Terry Grahl Who Lives By the Philosophy "She" is Me

Photo By: Mitch Ranger
Have any of you watched the new T.V. show Secret Millionaire?  I love that show!  The premise of the show is that a "secret millionaire" gets the opportunity to be involved as a "volunteer" unknowingly to the non-profit that they are working with.  At the end of their time with each non-profit, they have to reveal who they really are and donate thousands of dollars to each organization...all of which need the funds.  If you are anything like me, you have probably thought to yourself, "Oh man, if I had the cash to do that it would be so awesome!  I would want to donate that money to "this" or "that" organization."  Well, it just so happens that one of my "this" or "that" organizations is currently in a contest in the beauty and fashion based magazine, MORE.  The name of the contest is called MORE Magazine 2011 Beauty Search Contest.  Sponsored by Olay and Cover Girl and partnered with The Talk, this contest is not your average beauty contest...this is the "real deal" that radiates from the inside.  We all have a chance to help Terry Grahl from Enchanted Makeovers win $10,000 and play like we are her "secret millionaire."

Photo By: Britni Wilson, Owner of Inspire Somebody LLC

So, who is Terry Grahl and what is Enchanted MakeoversEnchanted Makeovers transforms physical shelter spaces into whimsical cottage retreat centers for women and children, because they believe every single one of us is worthy. They go to shelters to nurture the human connection, to transform the shelter into places where women and children can thrive, where dreams and hope can live.  A common thread connects us all, and together, through the gift of time, donations, and love Enchanted Makeovers can create a culture of hope and worthiness.  They believe that ''words'' segregate human beings (those women, the needy, the poor people.)  Everyone is "needy". None of us have been without burden or struggle.  They also believe the makeovers are just as important as the shelters programs. No woman or child who is now on a new journey to restore their lives should have to sleep in a room that reflects their feelings of despair and unworthiness.  
Photo By: Britni Wilson of Inspire Somebody LLC

The brain child and Founder of Enchanted Makeovers is Terry Grahl who started out her professional career as an interior designer.  Her career was in full speed ahead when as Terry puts it, “A polka-dotted pillow changed my life and my journey.”  You see, in December 2006, Terry received a call from a gentleman asking for help. Terry was an award winning interior decorator, and he was the black tie event coordinator of a local shelter. He said, "we would be so grateful even if you just painted one wall." Her first reaction was fear. She was fearful of going. She really didn't know what to expect. She had never been to a shelter. She decided to make the visit and, as with all of the consultations she conducted with her private clients in her decorating business, she took photos to assist with any necessary planning and visualization. That is, if she would actually accept the volunteer job. She still wasn't sure, and was leaning towards a "probably not".  After her trip to the shelter she had this lingering feeling of despair knowing the living conditions of the women and children.
"THE" Photo By: Terry Grahl

Terry thought, "The pictures, the pictures — I must look at these pictures." As she downloaded them to her computer, there it was, THE picture. There amongst black metal posts, a stained mattress and an unfinished sheet rock wall was an answer.  There amongst the harshness was something dear to her heart: a polka dot, a safe pattern that has no sharp edges. There on that seemingly ordinary pillow was an answer. It was an answer from within her but not directly from her. From that moment, she knew she was prepared to do whatever she could to bring hope to those women and children.  And from that vision Enchanted Makeovers was born.

Photo By: Britni Wilson of Inspire Somebody LLC

Not only does Grahl spearhead Enchanted Makeovers, but she is connected with countless other volunteer programs for women's shelters including The Doll Adoption Program, Capes for Kids, and a non-profit that The Compassion Fashion Project knows quite well, the Pink Slipper Project.  Grahl is not just on a mission to decorate, but is trying to inspire hope by also working one on one with residents of the shelters she works with by baking with them, providing sewing classes, and heading up art projects for the kids just to name a few.
Photo By: Britni Wilson of Inspire Somebody LLC

Photo By: Britni Wilson of Inspire Somebody LLC

I contacted Terry Grahl about being featured here on The CFP and she replied "EM would be honored to be featured on your site.  Thank you thank you for the votes and promoting the more contest. This would be huge for the organization to win this. "

But whether EM is working on a makeover, a retreat weekend, or an event, it always involves continuous outreach to raise awareness of the plight of women and children in shelters. Let's tear down the walls and build bridges. Grahl believes it's very important to think and behave in a loving way to ALL people to see ourselves in everyone.  We should all adopt the philosophy of Terry Grahl and that is "She" is ME."
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Register an account with and you can vote for Grahl once a day until voting ends on April 25th.  It only takes a couple minutes to register and make your votes count.  Personally, I do not logout of my account, so that as soon as I click on the link I can quickly vote without having to login every time.  Make your voice heard by all the residents living in women's shelters.  Let's show everyone what The Compassion Fashion Project can do!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. --Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Thank you Meredith! I hope many will be inspired to not only vote but use their god given talent to help the organization.

    Many Blessings,
    Terry ox

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful story.

  3. You are more than welcome:) My philosophy is that everybody can do something. The voting is a simple yet powerful gesture that we can all do. I hope your story will inspire others to use their talents, also. THE photo of that bed is sobering and what you do to turn that into a serene environment for women who are trying to heal is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is proof of you and your team's beautiful spirit.

  4. That's a great cause. I'm voting. :)

  5. Thanks for being part of our movement to empower women, Nicia! Don't forget: you can vote once a day until April 25th:)

  6. Thanks so much for your support:) It means a lot to us here at The CFP in knowing that women's issues are becoming more and more important as we all band together to make crucial changes in the fight against domestic/sexual violence and the way society views this issue.

  7. Count me in dear Meredith! Shelters can be depressing and gloomy wonderful that Terry is bringing sunshine to the space!

  8. Oh, wow, thanks Veronica! Terry is going to be so happy to hear that:)

  9. Thanks for your comment and the shout-out!