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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Enjay Boutique Supports More Than Street Chic Fashion

Permission to print via Enjay Boutique
Showing off a posh-glam style can be hard to pull off unless you shop at the right places.  Enjay Boutique has a sexy, street-style appeal that will have heads turning as you walk into any room.  Shopping at this boutique takes the guess work out of what is hip and "at the moment" fashion.  Featuring such brands as Black Halo, Mink Pink, and Jimmy Choo, Enjay Boutique will not only help you discover your personal style, but will have you dressing appropriately, whether you are getting dolled up to go out for drinks with friends or needing the right look for a big interview.  The boutique is not only fashion forward, but forward thinking about their community as a whole.

I contacted Natalie Johnson, owner of Enjay Boutique, and asked if she would be interested in being featured on The Compassion Fashion Project's blog as she is holding an event in April where proceeds will be donated to domestic violence awareness and she stated:

"I am glad to hear of your interest in Enjay Boutique as well as the upcoming benefit regarding the fight against domestic violence.  I reviewed your blog and I think it would be a perfect fit for both companies."

Recent Enjay Boutique Fashion Show

 As their website states, "We also strive to stimulate the local community's awareness of fashion and encourage our clients to maintain a strong fashion sense. We aim to accomplish these goals by employing the following strategies":

Conducting Community Seminars Geared toward Promoting High-End Couture™ and Eco-Friendly Fashion Designs That Touch upon the Following Topics:
  • Preparation for Students to Achieve Higher Education and Hands-on Experience in Their Prospective Industries
  • Fundamental Education Concerning the Various Segments within the Fashion Industry and How They Relate to One Another
  • Understanding the Necessity of Professional Dress in Each Industry and How It Affects One's Career Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Highlighting the Necessary Steps It Takes to Start Your Own Business

There are two ways to shop at Enjay Boutiques, through their website or attendence at one of their trunk shows.  Events are available at the website or you may want to get into contact with Natalie Johnson, Enjay Boutique owner, to schedule or host your own trunk show. 

Recent Enjay Boutique Fashion Show

Enjay Boutique is hosting a casting call for an upcoming fashion show to raise awareness and donations towards domestic violence and sexually abused victims. The format of the casting call will be as such:

- Models need to arrive with heels and portfolio (if available, not mandatory)

- Models must sign in upon arrival

- Models will be called individually to review catwalk and posing ability

- Judges will review all models who participated in the casting call

- Accepted models for the upcoming show will be contacted within the following week

Event:  Enjay Boutique Casting Call

Fashion Show:  Enjay Presents Houston Area Women's Center Fashion Benefit

Casting Call Date:  Friday, March 18, 2011

Casting Call Time:  6pm

Casting Call Location:  Brentwood Lifelong Learning Center
                                  13033 Landmark Street
                                  Houston, Texas 77045

Fashion Show Date:  Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Show Time:  7-9pm (Hair and makeup will be provided)

Natalie Johnson
Enjay Boutique, Owner


  1. you are amazing...i love that you are highlighting others who are also working towards your cause. really, really wonderful :)

  2. These items are cute cute cute... and for a wonderful cause! Thanks for continuing to provide us with informative posts :)

  3. It's a great shop, happy to feature:) Natalie, the owner, is very much into social causes and has even done some charity work for breast cancer, too. I just met her, but I'm lovin' her.~Meredith

  4. I love this post, congratulations!