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Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Week's Challenge: A New Way to "Prosper" Through Fashion

Many of the wonderful individuals, companies, and organizations I am meeting through The Compassion Fashion Project are serendipitous and my meeting with Prosper Miller is no exception.  When I read her story, featured here, I was drawn to her ability to take a tormented past and turn it into a way to grow and inspire others.  Prosper is a survivor of domestic violence who has not only overcome tragedy, but has become quite a successful business woman and most recently a fashion designer/entrepreneur.  Her new clothing line is called Prosper Couture and will be set up as a direct-selling business, affording any woman anywhere to become a member of her team and start their own fashion business.  Her philanthropic efforts are multi-layered and I would advise anyone living in Atlanta, GA or beyond to contact Propser to become a sponsor or volunteer.  I had the chance to speak with Prosper via a phone chat and subsequently interviewed her for this week's challenge.  Without further ado, here is Prosper in her own words.

Q. Can you sum up what Prosper Me! Consulting is in one sentence?
A. Prosper Me! Consulting is an International Financial & Personal Development Firm that supports Women, Wealth & Wisdom. 

Q. Why are you so passionate about domestic violence causes and the healing process of the survivors?
A. I am a survivor of a teenage domestic violence relationship that lasted for over 10 years.  I made it out alive and have dedicated my life to being an advocate for others.

Q. You are designing a clothing line called Prosper Couture.  What made you decide to move into the fashion industry?

A. I wanted give women an opportunity to be fashionable and powerful at the same time.  Prosper Couture offers a variety of inspirational messages on clothing. 

Q. Do you design the entire line on your own?

A. Yes, I am the Creative Director and all the designs are originally designed by me. 

Q. You hold quarterly events to raise funds for your philanthropic efforts, can you tell us about the next event you have coming up and how can people get involved?

A. Our next event on behalf of W.E.A.L.T.H "Women, Emerge, And, Live, Through, Healing" will be a Monologue Production called SOLDIERS IN STILETTOS.  We need Sponsors, Volunteers, and individuals/groups that would like to purchase tickets.  That would be a huge blessing.

Q. Prosper Me Consulting invites women who want to succeed in business to host a "Prosperity Party."  What is a Prosperity Party?

A. A Celebration of Financial Freedom for Women in Business.  I want women to find liberation in becoming wealthy. 

Q. You recently held an event called "Bless Me Shopping Spree," for women who are residing in your local dv shelter.  Tell me what that event did for the women who attended.

A. The "Bless Me Shopping Spree" was created to give women in need a shopping experience for Christmas.  I wanted to restore dignity and integrity to women who need and deserve a second chance. 

Q. People need to know that you really give back to your community on many levels.  Tell us about Prosper Me! University and who is eligible to attend?

A. Prosper Me! University is an educational environment for women who would like to take a certification course regarding business and personal development.  Enrollment is open to the public and because our campus has a live streaming platform, women from all over the world can enroll in the course of their choice.  The average class is between $25.00 and $40.00 per session.

Q. Prosper, we had a meeting the other day by phone and you told me that you are writing a book called Justified By My Journey.  What does that phrase mean to you?

A. WOW! My life has been a very interesting journey and I have had to fight my way through many situations.  I'm ready to lay it all down and allow my words in the book to validate my accomplishments.  Most importantly I want everyone to know that the price you have to pay to be considered a leader is much higher than it may appear on the surface. 

Q. The Compassion Fashion Project is holding a very special charity event in May and much to my surprise and delight you offered to come all the way from Atlanta, GA to speak at our event.  What made you
want to be a part of The Compassion Fashion Project family?

A. I was immediately drawn to the concept and what it represents.  I appreciate your willingness to serve and for me was a no brainier to offer my time and support toward the cause. 


Prosper Couture

Prosper is a success story and I hope that any women out there who can relate to what Prosper has been through in her past can see that she came out on the other side and so can YOU!
If you are affiliated with a domestic violence shelter and would like your residents to experience a "Bless Me! Shopping Spree," GO HERE for more information and contact Prosper Miller at:


  1. What an Awesome Feature! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your movement!

  2. It was a pleasure to get to know more about you and your interests in helping victims of domestic violence through fashion. I think it's wonderful that you are working with your local dv shelters and offering those residents a fashion experience that they will not forget.