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Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Weeks Challenge: This is the BIG One and I Need Your Help...Please Read!

This is the week before Christmas and for our challenge, I really want to go BIG!  But, making a big difference is a group effort and I need everyone involved this week.  The people involved in our grass roots movement are the motor that makes our car go.

So, here's the an effort to do something AMAZING I want to focus on one of the largest battered women's shelter in Arkansas, The Dorcas House.  They are essentially a homeless shelter for women and children.  The plan is for each of us to send at least $5.00 to The Dorcas House, however the amount is not the's the gesture, so if all you can afford to send is $1.00 then do that.  Write "The Compassion Fashion Project" on the memo portion of your check when you send in your donation and pass along the message to 10 of your nearest and dearest whom you believe will participate.

I know we are all busy and have a million things to do, but this is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and will be so worth the few minutes it takes to complete this challenge.  I'm counting on all of you, so let's do it!  Here is the address to make your donation: 

The Dorcas House
823 S. Park St.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

If you need to call and verify any information or make a payment using another method besides a check the phone number is (501) 374-4022.
This is it everyone!  This is the BIG one, so if you haven't listened to a word I've said, today is the day to make up for lost time. 

Remember The Compassion Fashion Project loves you!

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  1. I sent my donation!! GO COMPASSION FASHION PROJECT!!!!