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Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Week's Feature: Inner Fyre Jewelry Supports The CFP

Inner Fyre jewelry designer, Evelyn Salt.
Evelyn Salt, a jewelry designer from the U.K., has began her own line called Inner Fyre and set up a charitable portion through her website to support The Compassion Fashion Project.  Creating a one of a kind design, Inner Fyre offers these special pieces in an array of colors from the metalwork to the beading found here. 

Purchase of the official Compassion Fashion Project design forwards 50% of the proceeds to our organization.  

Please find the interview below and learn more about Evelyn Salt and Inner Fyre.

How did you start designing jewelry?

It was a few years ago when we went out for a friend's birthday.   We watched an expert making jewellery from silver plated metal wire and I found it fascinating.  From there I taught myself to make silver and gold plated wire components with bead work and my passion for it has only grown since.

Where are you from and what is the "style" like there when it comes to jewelry design?

I'm now based in Hampshire, in the UK, but I was originally born in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Long gold chains and brightly coloured semi-precious gemstones are currently in fashion here.  Strong colours coupled with fine detail is also a growing trend at the moment.

Who is your favorite jewelry designer and why?

I love the work of Monika Laskowska, who is a Polish jewellery designer.  She does very intricate metalwork and bead combinations and her design concepts have left me with a lasting impression of her work.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in your designing process?

Anywhere and everywhere!  I have even been inspired by the patterns I've seen in a swimming pool before!  Designs like those I've used in the "Celtic" and "Chain" sets have probably been around for as long as jewellery has existed, along with spirals and the ever-popular cross.  I tend to name the designs after whatever has inspired me.  Examples of this from my collection are the earrings I have named "Horseshoe" and "Dollar," which both take their names from my source of inspiration.  

I like that you show your initial sketches of each of your designs.  What prompted you to put your sketches on display with your inventory?

To show people what goes on during a design process and to try to inspire people to get creative.  Some people are not naturally creative and I thought they may like the idea of having some ideas available as a starting point to play with for themselves.  Because I work with components, I also wanted to get the message across that they can combine components they may not have otherwise thought to combine, so that if they want to, they can create a completely unique piece of jewellery.  I hoped the sketches might help people to do this.
What do you believe makes your designs or your process unique?

I would say that the most unique part of Inner Fyre is that the customer can do the desiging if they want to. Most jewellery websites only offer the finished product.  By openly including sketches for customers to be inspired by, I can offer the facility for a customer to design their own unique piece and some starting points for doing so, if that's where you want to go.  Of course, if they'd rather pick a design from a selection, that option is there too.

You have been working on a very special piece of jewelry for The Compassion Fashion Project.  Can you explain what thoughts went into this design and why you wanted to help us to help others?

When coming up with something for the Compassion Fashion Project, my inspiration was the word "compassion," which brought images of "people with a heart" to mind, hence the heart design.  As for why, I have had friends in similar situations as those described in the stories on your website and I know how difficult it can be for people feeling trapped to find someone to help them out, especially if there are children involved.  The kind of problems you help people with are probably more widespread than a lot of people imagine.

Is there anything that you feel people should know about Inner Fyre and how did you come up with that name?

The name was a combination of two things.  The first was from my past - a long time ago I created a fictional "fantasy" character called Innerfyre, whose main focus was helping people through healing.  Back then, the name was chosen to represent her strength of spirit and determination driven from within.  And then last year I went through an abnormal pregnancy, where I was bedridden with pain.  It was during that pregnancy that I reacquainted myself with healing crystals.  After the birth of my beautiful daughter, I started creating jewellery around the crystals I'd used during the pregnancy.  Since those crystals were what ended up being the source of inspiration for the website, and Innerfyre was a healer, I thought it fitting to split her name into two parts, and use Inner Fyre for the jewellery.  The Chinese symbols for the logo were chosen because I play (4 player) Mah Jongg in my spare time and I wanted to include that somehow.
How can people keep up with what you are doing?

Currently the best way to get the most up to date information is to "like" the Inner Fyre facebook page. I'll post on the Inner Fyre Facebook page any new designs, features, special offers, or other websites of interest.  I may sometimes remind people of the existing designs too.  Alternatively you can follow me at @InnerFyre on Twitter.  

Many thanks to Evelyn Salt with Inner Fyre for this special collaboration. 
With love~The Compassion Fashion Project


  1. You will never stop to amaze us with your projects!!!! Her earings are great!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Awww, thank you Margaret:-) I am constantly inspired and encouraged by our supporters and fellow fashion bloggers like you. Much appreciated, friend~Meredith xoxo