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Monday, September 12, 2011

This Week's Feature: Designer Sheila Scott of N'chole Feroce

Cirque de Couture
Design by N'chole Feroce
Sheila Scott, designer for N'chole Feroce, is a fabulous lady.  Not only did she showcase her collection at Little Rock Fashion Week this year, she just participated in the annual Cirque de Couture charity event to raise funds for SARPA (Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention Agency).  Scott has also agreed to be a Special Guest at our next event (to be announced soon) to benefit the non-profit Women and Children First and the women's shelter, The Dorcas House.  I had the opportunity to interview Scott recently and wanted to share with you a portion of this interview.

Can you describe your line, N'chole Feroce?

N’cholé Féroce™ (nik-O-lay fay-rOsh), is "edge times elegant" style that celebrates the classy, yet edgy professional woman who isn't afraid to push her fashion sense to the very edge of fierce sophistication. 

Design by N'chole Feroce.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for your current collection? 

My current collection was inspired by some of the reality shows I like to watch (Project Runway, Jerseylicious, How Do I Look?) and finding an elegant balance amongst them while still maintaining the edgy feel.  Then I began visualizing myself in each design.  If I found that a design didn't suit me, that was OK because that was how I included the variety of personality and style I wanted to accomplish with this collection.

"Black Swan" dress by N'chole Feroce at Media Mixer.

When choosing fabrics to work with, what are you looking for?

When choosing fabrics, I like to think about how one fabric will look with an opposite type of fabric.  For example, silk and faux fur or faux leather and fleece.  I like to play around with mixing fabrics and making them into elegant designs but still giving way to the edgy side.

The "Merlot" dress by N'chole Feroce.

You also work as a stylist, can you describe what that process is like for you?

I try to read a person's personality first then go on to what most flatters her body shape.  Accessorizing is actually my favorite part when styling.  Accessories can make or break an outfit.  Too much or not enough accessories can take away from the outfit instead of enhancing it.  Also, when an outfit it so "matchy-matchy" it gets lost in the crowd.  There should always be one major statement piece being worn whether it be an accessory or a blouse.  All other things being worn should be chosen based on that statement piece, in my opinion.

"Winter Wonderland" jacket by N'chole Feroce.

Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion designers?

A person is never too old nor is he or she not worthy of pursuing and living his/her dreams.  Keep pressing forward no matter what.

Sheila Scott on the mic at Cirque de Couture.  (Right) Scott's "Peacock" dress.

A smart and sassy designer, Scott is always down to support a good cause, too.  This is why The CFP loves N'chole Feroce!

Click here to view this interview in its entirety.


  1. Thank you so much for the fabulous feature!! You all ROCK OUT LOUD!!! I sincerely appreciate all of your support and always know you will get the very same from me!!

  2. You ROCK, too, lady! We heart your style!