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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vote for Gabby!

Gabby Hale is a true talent and one of our wonderful "Contributing Fashion Illustrators" for our online boutique.  As a thank you for her many shoe illustration contributions, I sent her a package not too long ago with some goodies, a t-shirt, a framed shoe illustration, and a couple of drawings that my two daughters had done of their own shoe designs.  I was catching up on my blog reading not too long after that when I went to Gabby's blog and found that my two little darlings' designs had been the inspiration for her latest post and shoe illustration.  I was a proud mother, of course, and Cherysh, my oldest daughter, was ecstatic!  She came home from school and I showed her Gabby's post and she just went wild.  She thought that was the coolest thing ever.  When Gabby offered this latest edition for our boutique, I was thrilled, because not only was it adorable, but it held a special place in my heart.
Purchase Gabby Hale's designs today!

Gabby is currently in a shoe design contest and with her recent shoe illustration contribution coupled with this contest that I want to help her win, I thought it was about time we followed up with her.  Below you will find an exclusive interview with our lovely, Gabby Hale...
Moms, you can buy one for your daughter, too!

Q.  Tell us a little personal background about yourself?

A.  I'm from Singapore, now living in Texas. I'm married to a wonderful man who is my biggest fan of my shoe designs.

Q. What made you decide to start designing shoes?

A.  This is not a childhood dream for sure. I started taking an interest in shoe designing a few years back. I love shoes and just couldn't find enough interesting designs on the market. That was when I wished I could have my own designs.

Q.  Where do you get your inspiration from in your design process?

A.  I get my inspiration from many different things...from things that I see, things that I like and things that I imagine.

Q.  What shoe designer do you admire most and why?

A.  I love Manolo Blahnik. I find his shoes very timeless, classy and wearable.

Q.  What are some of your future goals as a shoe designer and otherwise?

A.  Well, I am a shoe designer wanna be. Right now I'm just a shoe designer virtually on my blog. If I can ever really become a shoe designer, my goal is to be as successful as Monolo Blahnik where every shoe lover would want to own a pair of my shoes. It doesn't matter if I'm working for a label or for my own, I am just loving the designing process. Can't wait for the time where my designs will be produced.
"Breaking Free" can be found in our online boutique as well.

Q.  What are you favorite materials to use for your illustrations (paper, paints, pencils...etc.)?

A.  I love the old fashion way. Only paper and markers are used for my illustrations. 
With all of these fabulous illustrations that Gabby donated to The CFP, won't you go vote for her today?

Q.  What advice do you have for your fellow shoe designers?

A.  I'm not qualified enough to call myself a shoe designer yet as I'm not formally employed as one. But I would tell all fellow shoe designer wanna be's to start sketching your designs so that you don't lose them in your many thoughts and believe in yourself.
Here is my eight year old daughter, Cherysh's shoe design we sent to Gabby.

Q.   Do you study art/design?  Where and what has been your most valuable lesson you have learned?

A.  Right now, I am studying fashion design at HCC. My school does not teach shoe designing but I am making the best of what is available to me to get closer to my goal.
My three year old daughter, Adia's shoe!

Q.  Tell us about the shoe you created using my daughters', Cherysh and Adia's, drawings?

A.  When I did that post, I had already set the theme to incorporate their drawings into the designs. I tried to draw like I was nine years old. It was challenging, but I'm happy that they are happy with the design at the end of the day. I have achieved my goal.
Here is the design Gabby came up with from Cherysh and Adia's  designs as inspiration.

Q.  Explain this contest you have entered and how can people help?

A.  I have entered three shoe designs to the shoe design contest organized by Vince Camuto and Lucky Magazine. The winning design will be produced by Vince Camuto and the winner will be featured in Lucky's September issue. I will need every vote from all of you from now till May 25, 2011 in order to stand a chance to win and take a step closer to becoming a shoe designer.

Let's help Gabby by voting for her designs in this Lucky Magazine contest! 


  1. love the talent doll. please have a look at my blog, it has illustrations too. hope you like it

  2. I will go have a looksy right now:-)

  3. Very nice shoe designs!:)


  4. Yes, she is fantastic. Please vote for her in the contest, because she is very close to first place! Every vote counts, she is literally like 10 votes away from being #1!

  5. She is absolutely fabulous! I so love all my contributing fashion illustrators:-) Gabby was my very FIRST illustrator for our says a lot about her as a person.

  6. I love Gabby's response to Cherysh and Adia's drawings. What a great inspiration for young artists!

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