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Monday, April 25, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Avon Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence

Fergie wishes Avon a happy birthday
 during the Believe World Tour stop at
 Madison Square Garden in New York.

(Photo from Avon Media Library)

"Girl power" celebrities such as Fergie and Reese Witherspoon are voices in the Avon campaign for philanthropic efforts.   In 2004, Avon launched the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign, because of the staggering statistics regarding women who will be affected by some form of domestic abuse in her lifetime.  The Avon Foundation for Women is the largest corporate-affiliated charity focused on that which solely affects women and their families.  They have triumphed women's causes such as breast cancer research and support since 1955, but moved into domestic violence causes for the great need of more awareness and educational programs.  To date more than $12 million has been awarded to more than 400 domestic violence organizations in the U.S. alone.  Globally, Avon has expanded its efforts to reach over 50 countries through their empowerment programs by raising funds and awareness around the world.
Reese Witherspoon, Honorary Chairperson for the Avon Foundation.
(Permission to use photo granted by Michael Goon of the Avon Foundation.)  

Nearly a billion women worldwide are affected by violence.  "Speak Out" is an important way for all women and men to take action and demonstrate solidarity to reduce the worldwide epidemic of violence against women.  As Honorary Chair of the Avon Foundation, as a woman, and a mother, I am proud and privileged to support this effort.  

Known worldwide as a crusader for women's causes, the Avon Foundation has effected real change in the lives of women worldwide and in its commitment to raise lifesaving awareness and funds for critical issues such as breast cancer and domestic violence.

It's unacceptable that 1 in 3 women worldwide is the victim of violence. Help us ensure infinite possibilities for all women by speaking out against domestic violence, speaking up for women's empowerment and purchasing a product dedicated to changing that statistic."

~Reese Witherspoon
Honorary Chairperson

Empowerment bracelet, $10.00. Buy Now!
(Photo provided by Michael Goon & Avon Foundation)

There are several ways one can support this mission of empowerment for women that Avon is so passionate about.  You can participate in upcoming events featured at the Avon Foundation website , create a fund-raising benefit through your organization or institution, or purchase Empowerment Products in which 100% net proceeds go to the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program.  

Featured currently, is a beautiful new Empowerment Bracelet consisted of assorted faux-stone, glass and silvertone beads with an "infinity" charm, representing the unlimited opportunities for women when they live violence-free lives.. Priced at $10.00 each, 100% of net profits ($8.04 for each bracelet sold) will benefit Avon Foundation for Women programs dedicated to ending violence against women. 


Start your Avon career by clicking this link!  

Mrs. Albee statue award 2010.
(Photo permission: Lindsay Fox)

I suppose my affection for Avon goes beyond their philanthropic pursuits due to the fact that I have four years in with Avon and even though I have not been an "Avon lady" for almost five years, I still carry valuable experience and memories from my previous Avon career.  This is another reason that I chose Avon as our challenge this week, because not only does Avon offer support for domestic violence causes, but the career option for women is a true opportunity to become more independent.  What you gain from becoming a sales representative is not only financial freedom, but also the confidence that being a part of this amazing group of women will bring to your life.  Avon is "the real McCoy."  Those who think that Avon as a career choice is not a possibility has not yet been enlightened by the limitless places you can go.

My Albee 2004.
Photo by me (can't you tell)
During my stint with Avon, I was a Sales Representative, an Administrative Assistant through corporate which brought me a weekly salary, and I even did a short fill-in position as a District Sales Manager.  There I was driving around my district in a company car with a company gas card, signing up new sales representatives, and getting paid a handsome salary plus reimbursed child care fees, lunch reimbursments, not to mention the health insurance plus 401(k) plan benefits that come with the position.  How did I land that job?  Well, I worked hard, but I started out with a $10 start-up kit just like everybody else and not a penny to my name.  I had even just moved with my husband and daughter to a new town where I did not know one soul.  Although my time with Avon was a wonderful experience, when we moved again I decided to concentrate my efforts on going back to school and raising my children, but I have never completely shut the door on the idea of going back at some point.

My award for #1 Sales Increase
Photo I even need to say?
What I loved about Avon was that I did not have to throw any parties and the basis of my selling technique was passing out bundles of brochures and offering wonderful service to my clients.  I never met anyone who said they did not know what Avon was, in fact, the majority of my clientele were avid Avon users and were very much appreciative of the service I offered.  There are not many companies out there that still bring your order right to your door without any shipping charges, but that is exactly what being an "Avon lady" consists of.  With a company that has been in practice for over 125 years, you can expect absolute and complete support with your business plus you get to triumph causes like the "Speak Out" program within your community.  Whether you are looking for a part-time job for extra income or a full-time career, you can have it all with Avon.  

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaims April 6, 2011 “Avon’s 125th Anniversary Day” in the City of New York.
(Photo provided by Avon Media Library)


White Rose, one of Avon's first fragrances.
(Photo provided by Avon Media Library)

View this timeline in large print here.

Permission to use this timeline granted by Lindsay Fox, Avon Public Relations Manager.


  1. I love that so many organizations, especially a well-known one such as Avon, are doing their part to raise awareness on domestic vioence! No feat is too large...or too small. Every voice counts and when we have names every home knows helping us send this message, it reaches even more people. God Bless Avon and other organizations that are using their brand to voice strong messages!

  2. They are a powerhouse of a company, that's for sure. The beauty is that anyone can be involved in Avon, whether you are an employee, a customer, an organization promoting this cause, or simply a someone who wants to donate funds. The fact that they are such a large corporation and have chosen this particular cause shows their commitment level to women's issues. Go AVON!

  3. I love your blog! Been thinking about signing up with Avon for a while now to bring in a bit of extra cash, definately will now after reading your post. It always inspires me when a company uses their voice for such a good cause.
    Kind Regards, Ayshea

    PS Loved your comment on my blog about the ballroom! xxx

  4. All those Avon shipment boxes might drive me to domestic violence! Har, har. One funny my sis didn't declare was that the first word her daughter read was "Avon!" Again, those shipment boxes make an impact :)

  5. Avon is a great company. And i love the philosophy they have. It's all value for money.
    Great post
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Oh, that's right! I forgot to tell that little bit...My daughter, Cherysh, was around two years old when an Avon commercial came on with "AVON" across the screen and she pointed and said just as plain as day, "Avon!" I was a proud mom, of course, I'm sure all the boxes, brochures, and products galore helped with that. LOL!