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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Friend, Julie From O and A and G and J and What She had to Say!

Julie, blogger, teacher, and friend of TCFP.
Occasionally I will run across someone who has blogged about us and I must share it with my readers, because I get so excited when someone really understands what I am doing.  O and A and G and J is a personal style blog that Julie herself describes in her own words, "Blogging is my outlet to focus or evaluate who I am as a woman. Sometimes it's focus is style sometimes my life in general. Welcome to my world. Enjoy! XOXO, J."  Julie is a teacher in Michigan and I first received a comment from her on my posting "Martha's Story" :

"I cannot even express how excited I was to read your blog! I am a teacher in a middle school in Michigan and with the help of Bead For Life's curriculum created a unit for my students called "A Poverty Experiment". They lead the lives of a real family in poverty and deal with different complications that the family might have to deal with. Usually the project followed women in Uganda since that was the region that I was teaching about. This year it has followed families in Mexico. It has such a HUGE impact on the kids that is lasting. My community if very priveleged to say the least so to get another perspective is so key for them. THANK YOU for creating this blog! You have a permanent follower in me. It is so important to me to let the voices of those in need be heard and you are doing it everyday! THANK YOU!"


I was so happy that someone felt so passionate about what we are trying to do here at The Compassion Fashion Project that I immediately went to her blog to see what she was all about.  To my delight I found this posting she had written about us and Julie graciously allowed me to post it here for my readers today.  Thank you, Julie!

WOW...WOW...WOW...I think that is all I can say.
Okay, let's be honest I can always say more, but really I can barely even contain how excited I was when I clicked on this link and started reading. One of my PASSIONS is bringing awareness and support to causes that need a voice and this little blog is doing it in a HUGE way. I literally started shaking with excitement as I read each story and then as my excitement reached I fervor it became clear that fashion was being used as the catalyst for bringing change! HEAVEN!
Here is a peak at the The Compassion Fashion Projects focus:
The objective of The Compassion Fashion Project is to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and promote the healing process for the victims through providing fashionable clothing, especially professional attire, accessories, and personal care products. We are just a couple of gals trying to save the world, which can be a daunting task in stilettos!

And here is how you can help as well...
If you have a story about domestic violence...we want to hear it. If you would like to empower yourself and inspire others please send any letters, stories, articles, poems, artwork, or whatever your creative outlet is to and we may feature you on our blog.

SO...I am asking you, dear readers, to check out this amazing site and see if it can inspire you as  much as it did me.




  1. whoa really nice. i am so happy for you. i know one thing good work is always rewarded. it may take a while, but it must definitely will be rewarded. keep up the good work and i am very sure the compassion fashion project will go places you haven't imagined.

  2. Thank you so much, Tamunoibifiri...we have got to get you a shorter nickname for me!lol!