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Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Support Charlotte Fairchild's Fashion Wraps for a Cause

Charlotte Fairchild
Charlotte Fairchild is one of those people you meet in life with a deep heartfelt and sincere concern for others.  She is a writer, speaker, musician, and an all around do-gooder that is a friend of The Compassion Fashion Project.  We first met Charlotte as one of our Facebook fans, thank goodness for modern day technology, and reached out to her, because of her keen sense of knowing the need of fashion for a cause.  Charlotte has created a simple pattern to use in the production of her signature ponchos that she then distributes to several outlets including La Leche for nursing mothers and most recently she made a donation to her local domestic violence shelter, the Share House in Douglasville, GA.
This design was inspired using sari material.

Charlotte stated about her recent donation to the Share House, "They have 25 beds, and that includes children.  The sewing group will be making these for the women who cannot wear a jacket or are breast feeding."

Add author to her credits as she has written two books, one entitled Fertile Prayers and it deals with infertility and child/baby loss.

Fairchild points out, "One reason women lose babies...domestic violence."

She is also a former member of The Task Force for Domestic Violence in Paulding County, Georgia where she has seen domestic violence first hand. 

She goes on to say,"Women who are domestic violence survivors also have children, so it is a family affair."
As Charlotte points out,  ponchos are an "ancient attire."

It truly is.  It's also a society affair since 1/4 women will be assaulted in their lifetime and crime rates in communities increase due to domestic abuse.  Charlotte runs her own registered non-profit called Fear Thou Not and is committed to the teachings of safety awareness.

Charlotte talks about her fashion endeavours stating, "Scarves are also something I donate. They are easy to make from fleece and although I have 3 patterns for scarves, I only have two for ponchos.  A poncho can be made from one yard of fabric. Add an inch for every size larger. I have made them for people who were a size 4X. I have also made them for small children. I buy remnants, so they don't cost as much."

Oooh, I'm loving these materials...looks like Kitty does, too!

Charlotte loves to teach people how to make these gorgeous wraps and scarves, so if you are interested in learning do not hesitate to ask for a few quick sewing tutorials from her.  You can contact her through her Facebook page where you can also view even more photos of her lovely ponchos.

Charlotte got very creative here using bird feed packaging for a waterproof version!

Not only can you learn to sew these beauties, but you can also help support Charlotte Fairchild in her mission to bringing these ponchos and scarves to the people who need them most by purchasing them from her, too.  The cost is $25.00 each plus $5.00 for shipping and handling and you can contact her through her Facebook page or send your order and/or donations to:

                     Fear Thou Not
                    PO Box 1268
                   Hiram, GA 30141

Fear Thou Not will gladly send you a receipt with your purchase/donation.
Fairchild uses a lovely black sateen edging here against "the official domestic violence awareness color", purple.


  1. Charlotte is inspirational and also a friend! So glad you have featured her and the wonderful work she does! xoxo

  2. The one that kitty likes is so pretty, hehe :)

    I've added her on Facebook!

  3. I know, I couldn't resist posting the "kitty" photo:) I love the ones she creates using those lux fabrics and since she buys a lot of remnants, it keeps costs lower. She is quite a lady!

  4. You know, I have only sold two ponchos in my life, and that wasn't really a sale. He donated money after I gave him two ponchos. Making money from ponchos was never my intent. Teaching people how to make them and letting this become something that helps so many people is what I would really like. I did offer to sell them at one time but there was no response.

  5. I love that you want to teach people how to make beautiful creations. That takes time out of your day to do that for someone else and that's why I want all who reads this to be inspired by your giving nature. Essentially this is the spirit of The Compassion Fashion Project: If we all give a little, together we can accomplish a lot.

  6. I happened across your post via Beautifully Invisibile's "Link Love with a Twist" series and just wanted to thank you for such an enriching post as well as the introduction to Miss Fairchild's cause. It's so inspiring to see people making a change in their own personal way. The ponchos she makes are beautiful and smart, just a wonderful way to contribute to people who truly need contributions. Thanks for featuring her cause and thanks to Miss Fairchild to undertaking it!

  7. Thank you, ladies for your kind words. I was happy to do this post on Charlotte and her cause, because it so falls in line with what we do here at The Compassion Fashion Project. If anyone is looking to jump on board with fashionable ways to support women who are survivors of domestic violence, our blog is a great place to start and find networking opportunities.

  8. One innovation I would make is velcro so that people in hospitals and nursing homes would have a "release" if they become caught of fall wearing a poncho. Just one seam and it would be a safer garment.

    Sewing and quilting circles are making ponchos for local people in need. I am donating ponchos to First Presbyterian of Atlanta for the domestic shelter they manage next Tuesday.

    If this is useful, many people will enjoy making them, and for free!

  9. I give the pattern for the "Poncho Power" wrap for compassion.

    There has been a request for 23 ponchos for dialysis patients who go to Grady Hospital for dialysis--and they don't have money. Grady is known for being charity hospital.

    If anyone would like to donate flannel or flannel ponchos, my Fear Thou Not, 510(c)3 address is: Fear Thou Not, P.O. Box 1268, Hiram, GA 30141 and I do give receipts for your taxes!

  10. My Dear Charlotte, Please give me more details about "Poncho Power.........."

  11. Jeet, my friend, ask me specific questions, and I can answer them! Do you know anyone who sews?

  12. The Global Health and Humanitarian Summit is looking for people in Atlanta for the planning meetings, for speakers, and for people to have booths. You may take orders at your booths and donations for non-profit businesses like domestic violence shelters or artistic and fashion nonprofits!
    Please check the calender!