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Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Week's Challenge: Heavens to Etsy!

Purchase this item at Lilysoffering.
There are so many wonderful Etsy shops that every time I visit, I find something unique that I have never seen before.  If you are unfamiliar with Etsy the goal is to create an economy whereby we "buy, sell, and live handmade."  The Etsy community spans the globe with buyers and sellers coming from more than 150 countries.  With such a large community of people, of course, I want to shine a light on those that are promoting domestic violence causes and this week I want to introduce you to a wonderful shop keeper named Eleanor Smyth and her Etsy shop is Lilysoffering.  Lilysoffering sells sterling silver findings and jewelry components as well as semiprecious gemstones for the jewelry design novice to the jewelry design officianado.  Being a rare gem herself, she donates 10% of all
sales to domestic violence causes.  
Purchase these silver finds at Lilysoffering.

Eleanor started making jewelry about 10 years ago with the interest her father had in lampworking, a handmade process of creating glass beads.  From there, she was hooked.  After making some gorgeous glass beads, she decided to start designing jewelry.  Starting from a few supplies that her mother and father bought her, she began her journey.

Eleanor professes, "I must admit that my first creations weren't so great but as the years went on, I started to come into my own style."

She started hosting jewelry parties and sold to friends and family.  Once she discovered Etsy, she knew that her experience in good jewelry supplies would give her an avenue to showcase her knowledge and to earn some extra money.
Buy these gemstones at Lilysoffering.

She also works as a dental assistant and has at times held a nighttime cleaning job for the same office twice a week. Why does she work so hard?  Eleanor was a victim of domestic abuse and was working to support herself and her son while his father, she alleges, was drinking and drugging.  She has since left her ex-husband, but remembers the feeling of being stuck in that situation and not knowing how to get out of it. Many times in an abusive relationship , the abuser strives to make the victim helpless and that includes having no financial income to their name.

"He never wanted me to get a job but after I had decided to leave him , I began working at getting one.  It was two years after I decided to leave him that I was actually able to.  I went to medical assisting school and then found a job as a dental assistant," Eleanor explains.
Eight years later she is still working there today.  Without financial help from her ex-husband and child's father, she started concentrating on Lilysoffering in 2008 for extra money.

"I still struggle with blocking the abuse from him and he still tries to abuse me emotionally, but I have been working very hard on forgiveness and find that it is the only way to continue with my life in a healthy way.  Part of my recovery and healing was to help others in the same situation.  I knew that it would give me a voice and purpose...,"  Eleanor says.

Eleanor donates 10% of her own income through Lilysoffering to domestic abuse awareness,  women's shelters, and other related arenas. 

"This not only empowers me but it empowers others to maybe do the same for their own cause," she goes on to say, "I feel that the Compassion Fashion Project is part of a greater whole of good people working towards making this world a peaceful and conscious place to live.  Together, we can bring about change that not one person can do alone.  Many people coming together and bringing about awareness of domestic abuse, such as the Compassion Fashion Project, are not only bringing joy to themselves and helping battered women but also encouraging others to speak out by setting an example.  We must all do our part for the cause that we are called to in our hearts.  Think of the good that can become of it and turn the victim, whether it is yourself or your neighbor,  into a conqueror!"
Well said, Eleanor!

Take advantage of Eleanor's wisdom in this industry and check out some of her fabulous finds.  Items are constantly coming in and ever changing, so check back often for new and exciting stones and silver pieces!


  1. I simply adore ETSY! Such wonderful items and pieces and ALL HAND MADE. Fabulous.

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    Anyway, I also love Etsy. Eleanor's designs are gorgeous, and what a wonderful cause!

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