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Monday, December 20, 2010

Become a Member of The Purple Diamond Inner Circle

Pure fancy purple diamonds are very rare and hard to find.  It is so hard to find these rare diamonds, that they are extremely appreciated by collectors.  Since purple is the domestic violence awareness crusade's designated color, I thought that The Purple Diamond Inner Circle would be the perfect name for our contributing donors for this week's challenge.

To become a member of The Purple Diamond Inner Circle and have your name or business name featured in this article all you have to do is donate $5.00 to the Dorcus House.  Here is the information to donate:

The Dorcas House
823 S. Park St.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

If you need to call and verify any information or make a payment using another method besides a check the phone number is (501) 374-4022.

The Purple Diamond Inner Circle
1. Patty Ellis
2. Elizabeth Newell
3. Meredith Cavaness Corning
4. Annie Freeman-Valentine
5. Cara Frazier
6. Amber Besancon
7. Brooke Wingard
8. John Corning
9. Karis Rankin
10. Danny Harris
11. The 10/20 Project Visit The 10/20 Project
              Read what the 10/20 project has to say about US!

To have your name added to the list, just make us aware of your donation and we will feature your name here!  Leave us a comment below or via our Facebook page and we will be sure to add you to our Inner Circle.

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